Have you seen any good dogs lately?

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 06/19/2006 - 21:51.

This sweet dog from the Cleveland Goes To The Dogs project has been named Oreo by its temporary hosts... where is this...

I love the dogs. Great idea and great work by the artists. Sad to hear, it seems some of the dogs have been stolen... and I don't see any good documentation of any aspect of the project anywhere online - I'd like to do a better job photographing them in place on REALNEO... here's one I stumbled across on St. Clair... see location and full view below... other are linked in this book and we'll post more.

Time is fleeting to see the dogs and some are now gone... anyone else like this project and the work - have a favorite? Tell me where some are located and I'll get a picture and post it for the record - I'll try to find more, but I don't know where to look.
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locations and pictures

If I haven't goofed, this should be a scan of the list of all the dogs and their locations:


I took pictures of eight. My favorite is Rusty. I haven't seen Oreo or the three other dogs in the next post. My pictures are here:


Great photos from Year of the Dog in Cleveland

Cool Stu - the first URL didn't load anything in my Firefox browser but your shots on Flickr are great - if you can check that imageshack link and post if I'm missing something... I'll look for some more dogs today as I'll be in the area... keep us updated if you post more photos


Hmm... It wouldn't work for me either but I tried the exact same thing a second time and it did work. The file is large and unwieldly. It took a long time to download with a broadband connection. In fact, I think Firefox gave up on it once and I had to force it to reload. It's too big to fit in a browser window at its original resolution and it's not in the proper orientation. Unless you're very patient with these flaws you'll probably want to print it out. That is if it works this time.

dog location chart


Never mind that inconvenient scan. I entered all 25 statues on a map. Here's a list with a small map:

and here's a larger map:

Great map - I will go see all of them

Wow Stu - you're on top of this stuff. I'm going to see all of them now. The dog the hosts have named "Oreo" - the one I posted yesterday - is listed as Sirius Moderne -and is at 1925 St. Clair, in front of the city department of health - artist Susan Mathlas. I was interested to see, on the list you posted, Hector Vega did Jasmin... cool dog. Can't wait to see the rest. Have you heard some have been stolen?


Stu,  thanks for taking the time to map the locations;  now people can go after them as if they were on a scavenger hunt.   If someone did the same thing with NEO's graffiti it would drive tourism.   There would always be graffiti when the visitor arrived - never is it ripped off (many see this as a problem) - but each concrete canvas becomes more desirable to paint over as the pores are filled with smoothing lacquer.   So graffiti has its own gallery schedule - inspiring overspray as time passes.

mapping graffiti

I don't go looking for graffiti but I'll take a picture if I see some and have my camera handy. If I'm paying attention to the location, I'll geotag these, too. I've got a few dozen graffiti and mural pictures but I've only geotagged four. You can see them on a map here:


My point is that geotagging graffiti is a great idea but it doesn't have to be any one person's life's work. If I take some pictures and tag them and you do and a small number of other people do then a rich database can be built organically.

I'm adding my pictures to the flickr group "Geotagged : Streetart." Maybe I'll get Cleveland to appear in the tag cloud?



Stu,  Do you have a GIS logging device?   I have been looking to borrow one to GIS the street lights in E. Cleveland.  If you don't have one, can you recommend a devise that has its own memory (ie, not computer connected in the field) AND that has an accuracy of less than 3 meters? 


I will educate myself about the sites you mention above.


Thanks, jeff