Bruce LaDuke: Futures Generative Dialog

Submitted by Betsey Merkel on Sat, 02/09/2008 - 19:00.

Here's an email from our partner in Smaller Indiana,  Bruce LaDuke. Bruce participated in the Midtown Brews Open Conversation. Be sure to click through to the website to learn more about how other leaders are innovating to illuminate solutions through open forms of conversation.

In Open Source Economic Development we have learned that people move in the direction of their conversations. This is an important lesson about the value of leadership, where it resides, and accountability....After all, you are the leaders you have been waiting for.



I really enjoyed Midtown Brews. This was what is known in futuring as "Futures Generative Dialog," which is group problem-solving about the future.

I work closely with Rick Smyre, president of Communities of the Future ( who pioneered this concept.  We are establishing a global grass-roots network of folks engaged in the same kind of dialog taking place at Midtown Brews.  There are communities, institutiouns, and companies getting this concept.

I created the concept of 'Integral Futuring' to start to think about how these various group efforts could network together and integrate to solve common goals.  I've just started work with the 'International Network of Social Entrepreneurs' to this end.

Said all that to say that I'm extremely interested in Midtown Brews and i-Open on many different levels.  One, helping establish this kind of dialog in Indiana.  Thinking about how to integrate the efforts I'm already aware of with it.  And three, thinking about how this looks globally and helping to connect global dots.

Still learning about your efforts, but I'm really impressed.  Thanks for letting me be a part.Bruce LaDuke.

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So here we have begun to interconnect outside our county, outside our region, outside our state!  

From a start 4 years ago at REI the conversation network is expanding. 

Lots of sincere jeffort has brought us here.

Thanks Betsey, Susan and Ed.

Our Pleasure: Now on to building enterprise opportunities!

Nothing would happen if it weren't for the enormous generousity of others.

That's what made the REI experience.

Let's just keep heading down that road with new tools and sharper focus to build revenue generating enterprise.


Wow--and I tell the kids they generate new words everyday...

Futuring at Smaller Indiana


If you would like to learn more about the cutting edge exploration Bruce is involved , you can go to his page on Smaller Indiana

You can also visit Future Indiana, a featured group in the community, to learn more about this new approach to organization.