Initial Follow up to last week's I-Open Leadership Retreat

Submitted by Betsey Merkel on Mon, 04/28/2008 - 19:58.

Thanks Everyone for your comments and support...on last week's I-Open Retreat..

Here is an initial followup. More information will be posted soon by retreat participant and writer, Susan Schaul...

The Leadership Retreat was a productive experience for everyone who participated last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in the beautiful surroundings of Punderson State Park in Newburry, Ohio. We enjoyed brilliant weather in addition to meeting and spending time with great people and learning about assets, passions, and next steps toward regional transformation.

I-Open Leadership Retreat April 2008
Ed Morrison guiding participants on the new practices and tools for Open Source Economic Development.

Gathering for dinner and conversation and learning.

Jeff Miller, Exec. Dir., Innovative Leadership Solutions joined us from Indiana, specializes in curriculum development.

Tom Stone, Exec. Dir., Mt. Pleasant NOW and Debra Lewis-Curlee, Mt. Pleasant Community Zone.

Here's an outline of the material we worked on together guided by workshop leader, Ed Morrison (below) and You can view the Live Show broadcast (just click "On Demand" at the lower bar and the selections will display) on the iopeneducation channel.



Asset Mapping, Appreciative Inquiry and the Strategic Role of Conversations


Module 1: Understanding the Shift to The Second Curve

Module 2: Civic Network Mapping

Civic Values Discussion: Why should we care about civic spaces?

Module 3: Organizing a Civic Space with Civic Forums 

Module 4: Strategic Doing: Creating “Hot Spots”

Tool Set for Strategic Doing

Workshop: Designing a Strategic Doing Exercise


Module 5: Finding Our Way: Strategy Mapping, Process Mapping 

Tools: Strategy Maps and Process Maps 

Module 6:  Open Source Economic Development and Web 2.0

Tools:  Collaborative Workspaces 

Next Steps

Out of the Retreat, the participating group formed an online workspace - Meet The Pundersons - to sustain conversations between F2F and amplify efforts to accelerate regional transformation. The group decided to meet again in six weeks and head for a larger engagement  meeting-down-the-road in July.

We've also organized an online space I-Open Education, more for general information about education services I-Open offers, for anyone who is interested to learn about new practices and tools for Open Source Economic Development. You are welcome to join the web space, start posting and contributing your questions, comments and your stories to the News or Forum section or upload files.

We are planning a fall I-Open Leadership Retreat for Sept 10, 11 & 12 at Punderson. Sessions focus on new practices and tools for building networked communities and regions, as well as building connectivity for like minded leaders. Contact Susan Altshuler, I-Open if you would like to register at susanaltshuler [at] gmail [dot] com

We'll upload VOD taped sessions organized by topic content in the near future for easier viewing access on the

iopeneducation channel. Depending on your Internet speed/online traffic, the Live Show Broadcast will give you an excellent unedited access to the information Ed Morrison presented as well as the conversation, comments and contributions shared F2F by the group last week.

More info soon...

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