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This attachment covers the hearing scheduled at BOZA - and see who requested the postponment.  The proposed plan being a Storefront Renovation Project Loan.  I did some checking today and from old timers in the neighborhood, that gas station has been a garage for at least 60 years.  







Ward 13

Calendar No. 09-44:

1001 Fairfield Avenue

Joe Cimperman


8 Notices


Gillota Fuel Products Inc., owner, appeal to establish use/maintain a gas station and repair garage located on a 95’ x 66’ corner parcel in a General Retail Business District; contrary to Sections 352.08 through 352.11, no landscaping is provided and a 10 foot wide landscaping strip is required along the rear property line where the lot abuts a Residence District and a 4 foot wide landscaping strip is required along the street frontages; and nonconforming to Section 343.18(d) that the width of driveways may not exceed 30 feet; and that a repair garage is first permitted in a Semi-Industry District provided, that the use is not less than 100 feet from a Residence District, according to Section 345.03(c)(2) of the Cleveland Codified Ordnances. (Filed 3-25-09; no testimony taken.)




First postponement requested by Tremont West development Corporation to consult with the applicant about the proposed plan.

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  Keep making noise Jerleen.  You do right by your community.

think of all the information

 we would not be privy to, were it not for you.

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Do NOT take your vehicle to these guys. I took my car in for a simple service, oil change and tire rotation. Two days later my driver side rear wheel nearly fell off while I was on the highway. Two lug nuts sheared completely off. The subsequent automotive professionals I had repair the damage indicated that the lug nuts were not properly tightened. I've accumulated nearly $1,000 in repair bills and damages. Fairfield is denying responsibility indicating that the issue I had with the wheel was coincidence and had nothing to do with the work they did.