Just a nice thought.....“Think globally, act neighborly.”

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As far as I can determine, here is the origin of “Think globally, act neighborly.”...


Conversations: Bill McKibben

"You state in your writings that once we nurture the essential humanity of our economy, the more likely we are to recapture our own. How is our economy linked to our humanity?"

"Community has become one of these buzz words. “Building more community.” The real pathway to doing that is to resuscitate the economic networks of dependence on each other, which is what community really was in the first place. Fossil fuel is destroying the world. But in addition to that, it has made us less dependent on each other. We don’t need each other.

There is a guy here, Tod Murphy,  in Vermont that only serves local food at his restaurant, [Farmer’s Diner; farmersdiner.com]. He printed up a bunch of bumper stickers that said: “Think globally, act neighborly.” The stuff that I am talking about is not in itself conservative or liberal. We need to figure out how to move past polarization. We need to emphasize our neighbors. People today have half as many close friends as they did 50 years ago."


From: http://www.consciouschoice.com/2007/04/mckibben0704.html

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This may seem off-topic, but actually I find it encouraging as I read the biography (ha!) of a kid who started an on online business (Comcate--as in communicate), when he was in seventh grade.  He realized that communities needed a way to resolve complaints.  Brilliant.