Mapping the sustainability community in NEO: Upcoming Events

Submitted by Ed Morrison on Fri, 04/08/2005 - 07:40.

Last week, the UN issued an important report on the future of our environment. The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment is focused on improving our insights into the environmental consequences of development.

You can read more about the report from this article. You can learn more about the Millenium Assessment from this page.

The growing visibility of sustainable development creates new opportuinities for NEO. We have a strong foundation of organizations committed to sustainability. We have a thick network of committed civic entrepreneurs who know a lot about these issues. We can move forward with an aggressive sustainable development agenda in NEO.

On April 15, 4PM to 6PM, we will continue the process of building these networks. At Weatherhead, we will be holding a discussion on the emerging sustainability networks in Northeast Ohio. April 15: Mapping the broad sustainability community.

This interactive brainstorming session will tap your knowledge to map the sustainability landscape of Northeast Ohio. Using network mapping software, we will explore the relationships between the organizations, projects, and issues that are making a difference today. Come and tell us what’s missing. Tell us what’s cool.

Friday, April 15, 2005 Peter B. Lewis Building, Room 02 11119 Bellflower Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 44106 Case campus Cosponsored by the Case Center for Regional Economic Issues (REI) and EcoCity Cleveland.

We will follow this session with two others:

April 19

The entrepreneurial network for sustainability

Entrepreneurs for Sustainability (E4S) has been collecting information about its members and who is in their networks. At the April 19 E4S meeting, social networking expert Valdis Krebs will unveil what this network looks like. And EcoCity Cleveland's David Beach will discuss the potential for a GreenCityBlueLake Network - a new network identity to provide context for sustainability in Northeast Ohio.
5:30 - 8 p.m. Great Lakes Brewing Co. Tasting Room on Carroll Ave.
Click here for updated information or to register (free).

April 25

Designing an open network to facilitate sustainability

This workshop will explore how an open network can provide a strong identity and support collaborative action for sustainability in Northeast Ohio. What would the network look like? What would it do? What services would be needed to make everyone more effective?
Help design the action plan!
2 - 4 p.m. Cleveland Museum of Art, Recital Hall & Lower Level classrooms.
Cosponsored by the Case Center for Regional Economic Issues (REI) and EcoCity Cleveland
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