NEO distance learning: a cyber-educational adventure

Submitted by Evelyn Kiefer on Mon, 05/14/2007 - 13:55.

These photos were shot flying above the town of Barrow Alaska by my friend Katrina as she reach the end of an extraordinary cyber-educational adventure. Over the last 11 days she literally went that extra mile to make distance learning for NEO grade school students exciting and meaningful.


Katrina's trip began with a online contest that various Ohio School participated in. Classes competed to chart a virtual course to Barrow Alaska from the Ohio State Football Stadium. The objective was to chart the fastest, least expensive course. Katrina and Kathy (another distance learning educator) actually made the trip designed by the winning class.  (Here is a brief summary of the rules from the website:

Class teams can make their trip by land and water but they are not allowed to fly, at least until the teams get to Alaska. Click on the Forms button to access the online forms and download spreadsheets for tracking the methods of transporation by which the teams will travel. The teams will also use online forms to log their expenses, distance, time, weather, and landmarks and historical sites seen while on their journey.)

Check out the podcasts of the the various places Katrina and Kathy visited on their trip.