CMSD COO Dan Burns Convicted

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It came as no surprise that Dan Burns was convicted. What is a little puzzling, is whether or not Burns was questioned about Dr. Sanders and the possibility of his involvement. Notice in the article above that the Lucas County (Toledo) Prosecutor was on hand, presumably doing his homework for the upcoming trial of Dan Burns in Toledo.

It is interesting to note that the  trial of Burns was prompted by an investigation by State Auditor Mary Taylor. Taylor's office also issued an affidavit connecting Burns to using school funds for the purpose of spying on enemies of Dr. Sanders in Toledo; even private citizens with no ostensible connection to Toledo schools! I suspect we will find out more about this seamy scenario in the near future.

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hopefully more to come on this

I hope Burns bunks with Big Bubba.   cry baby


oh cry baby cry - how DARE he steal from our children!

and Toledo's children

he will need  a couple boxes of cry baby tissue when he gets slammed in Toledo.

Jailhouse Rock

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Sanders Burns and PD Censorship

  How long can the PD stall the inevitable?  Thanks RN for being here.  Keep us posted on the CMSD "negotiations."

What do you make of this explanation for the PD's censorship of your comments??  Free speech anyone?  Natch--they scotched my comment of "huh?"  Too inflammatory?

John Kroll, The Plain Dealer June 17, 2010 at 12:20PM

From the editors:
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John Kroll
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You Kant Do That Here

Laura, so glad you caught that! I was beginning to think I was nuts. Yes! The PD has been censoring me like crazy:

1) my suggestions that the PD is biased; deduced by how headlines serve as frames for the subsequent narratives--which indicates an agenda to any thinking person.

2) my criticisms of the so-called "innovations" and charges of elitism.

3) my defending myself against a lunatic alternately known as "meganfox" and "bnovak". The PD often permits posters to make rude, vulgar, totally unfounded remarks about me; which is fine. They just don't permit me to fight back! I ended up posting that whoever it was deleting my posts was a real jerk. That, at least elicited a deletion of my opponent's posts, as well as that of my own.

4) my referring to Advance Internet (the company that the PD outsources comment boards to) as some offshore outfit, who probably thought my mention of "Kant" was a nasty four-letter word.

Thanks for hanging in there with me, Laura and Westbird, too!