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Whoever is culling through the news and posting at the Cuyahoga County Planning web site is very observant, astute and challenging the status quo.  I appreciate their considered news aggregation.

TOI Studios also a what's what in NEO

Blogger and designer extraordinaire, Dru McKeown has the low down, too at his TOI Treachery of Images Design Studio site.

And not only that, he just took top honors in a Vancouver design competition.

Thank Dru for the Library bridge over Lee Road -- for giving us something of beauty instead of an inimaginable brick buiding over the street. He stepped into a contentious issue and we all know how hot things can get in Cleveland Heights (home to 90+ architects). He was with Studio Techne, but now he wins awards from inside the "big firm" of Westlake Reed Leskosky.

Way to be the visionary, creative and outspoken type of energy we need here in Cleveland, Dru!

BTW, search Breuer while you're there and you might find that he is also not a cast-away-history upstart, but a thoughtful and informed activist! I hope to actually meet him someday when he is not holed up slaving away over some creative design or blogging the night away to keep us abreast of the cool stuff going on in the region and beyond.

Who ever said anything about

Who ever said anything about capping so much of the inner belt; just decking across midtown!   You give these planners a little Idea and they go nuts.  


I pointed out the potential use of decking to expand CSU into larger University.   


Cleveland is a medical center as a way to grow it, relocate NEOCOM to CSU and begin a process of migrating colleges from KSU to Cleveland.   Rename CSU to NOSU “Northern Ohio State University”


From KSU to NOSU


College of Architecture and environmental design.

Bachelor of Science/Doctor of Medicine Degree (B.S./M.D. Program)
School of Biomedical Sciences

Decking could be part of larger initiative, expanding medical programs, and adding a much-needed collage of architectural design.   The midtown area expanded or connected to the University.    


I suppose to some the idea of closing rural universities is unnerving, to me I think it is logical and those hinterland campuses should become forested.  Growing these remote locations for what, the concept of geographically centered universities is in conflict.  They need to be located in major population areas.  Do people that attend college in Rootstown or Kent ever end up staying in those cities; do they take up residence in those cities?


This is all about linking, ODOT and the Ohio Board of Regents and the city and county planners.   We are no longer a manufacturing giant we need service employment. 


Create some decking and a reason for doing it, to grow the transportation corridor.   Associate collages of medicine with a medical center to create a center of architectural and environmental design within a real case study!   


These big people in high places need to talk to each other.   You cannot sneak in big plans based on esthetics; some of the inner belt is very obtrusive at Prospect through to Payne could be decks and could begin a process of growing a very large University.  In 50 year, Kent and Rootstown could be National Forests.








Stay focused

While we carp about one police officer, RTA plans on making already substandard service even worse.  Sign up for the County's RSS feed and make yourself heard people.  Dora McKeever*  can't fight for everyone! (BTW, this is not quite accurate--Tremont circulator has proposed service cuts, not elimination--nonetheless, make yourself heard and make it LOUD!)

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18 July 2008

Proposed RTA service cuts
RTA outlined its proposed service cuts and fare increases. The proposal calls for eliminating all of the community circulators and 12 regular bus routes, as well as reducing service on the Waterfront Line and 21 bus routes. Bus and rapid fares would be raised from $1.75 to $2.25-$2.50. RTA's board is scheduled to vote on the proposals on August 19, and the changes would become effective in October.

Public meetings are scheduled for:

• Aug. 4, 6 p.m., Don Umerley Civic Center Memorial Hall, 21016 Hilliard Road, Rocky River.

Aug. 5, noon, Cleveland Public Library auditorium, 325 Superior Ave., Cleveland, and 6 p.m. at Cleveland City Hall, Room 220, 601 Lakeside Ave., Cleveland.

• Aug. 6, 6 p.m., Cleveland Heights Community Center, 1 Monticello Blvd.

• Aug. 7, 6 p.m., Brooklyn Senior Community Center, 7727 Memphis Ave.

Those who can't attend a meeting can public-comment [at] gcrta [dot] orgby Aug. 18, or mail them to RTA Marketing and Communications Dept., 1240 West Sixth St., Cleveland, OH 44113.

(*Main library--can we get a picture of the Green Hornet in all of her glory?  God bless her!)