It is significant President Bush's first post-election stop in Ohio is Cleveland Clinic

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On 01/21/05 Cleveland Clinic CEO Delos Cosgrove made a presentation at the Cleveland City Club stressing the value of the Clinic to our regional economy, and the value of the healthcare industries to human quality of life. While Dr. Cosgrove highlighted some nice local programs the Clinic sponsors for education, and new billing systems, and other unique values in their planning, the big news was the revolution he sees occuing in the industry, and that the Clinic is poised to grow its world-class leadership in many important ways, like growing largely federally funded research in excess of the $110 million raised last year. Considering the importance of federal government funding for big developments in healthcare, it is amazing to see President Bush making his first post election stop in Ohio right here at the Cleveland Clinic, Thursday, 01/27/05 - this is a powerful sign of good developments to come.

Bush to visit Cleveland Clinic on tech trip

Saturday, January 22,
Stephen Koff

Plain Dealer Bureau Chief

Washington-- In his first post-election trip to Ohio, President Bush
will visit the Cleveland Clinic on Thursday to promote the use of
technology in health care.

It's part of a push that starts Wednesday in Washington, where Bush
will discuss providing affordable health care to more Americans and
other initiatives, according to the White House.

He follows up late Thursday morning at the Clinic by discussing the
benefits of adapting "health information technology" -- electronic
medical records, computerized prescription handling and other modern
measures intended to cut errors, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

"The Cleveland Clinic has been a leader in working with patients in
utilizing new technology, which saves patients time as well as saving
them money," said Jim Morrell, a White House spokesman.

Bush's health care focus is part of an ongoing initiative. In his
2004 State of the Union address, he spoke of limiting medical
malpractice awards, helping people with low incomes buy health
insurance with tax credits, and better utilizing technology.

During a speech at the City Club in Cleveland on Friday, Dr. Delos
"Toby" Cosgrove highlighted the work of CCF Innovations, the Clinic's
technology commercialization and transfer division. Cosgrove, the
health system's chief executive, said the Clinic funds CCF Innovations
"to provide improved care for our patients and stimulate innovation and
the local economy."

Plain Dealer reporter Sarah Treffinger contributed to this story.

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