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Now this down to earth engineering plan to rectify the natural state of the Cuyahoga River is an operation I could get behind long before I could support Bill Mason's wind turbines "about 3 miles out on Lake Erie".


Straightening the Cuyahoga will put us on the funny pages again.  It's the most  outrageously stupid and ecologically disasterous idea I have heard from a developer in a long time.  God knows, we live with the ecological consequences of bad development every day.  I give up.  I hope that this is some kind of joke.

avid agreement

Ms. McShane, I couldn't agree with you much more.  I'll let this information stew til creation of credent crediblity and slightly shift gears to garbage and recycling-relevant rabble.  A voracious viewing of Channel 23's City Council roundtable this afternoon has allowed me to report raptly that a new fleet of fully automated-arm recycling vehicles is an imminent integration to coexist with 2-man semiautomatic recycling trucks.  This was targeted to take effect third quarter (Q3) but was subject to a few snafus.  This is fantastic news, nonetheless and I'l be sure to follow up as developments develop. 

Perfect timing as I work to perfect recycling strategy to synergize with sitemaps for the Ingenuity Festival sustainability implementation plan , set to splendidly launch in a week.

I hope this was humorous satire...

I hope that second piece by Roldo was satire.

STRAIGHTEN the river? There is a reason why it's called the Cuyahoga.  If Forest City can't develop along the river as it is, then we don't need them developing.  A river is a natural occurance.  It is not a public health hazard so it should stay as it is.  Now crooked developers...that's another story.

Derek Arnold

Modest Proposal

So Roldo was joking and we fell for it.  What's the point?  To show us the extent of our stupidity and gullibility when it comes to local decision-making?  Well, can I assume that tearing down the Breuer building, and in my own neighborhood, significant landmarks--are also a joke?  Sure do hope so.


"ecologically disasterous"? 


Not much about the Cuyahoga from the steel mills northward is natural, its shores are steel retainers, its depth is unnatural.


I did not bother to follow any of the links, but I am familiar with what Chicago did to its river and its impact.  Chicago River


It would be nice if the Cuyahoga was in it natural state, hell it would be nice to see the entire area in its natural state.  But if that river delta existed then everything to the south would flood, at least once a year, it would be natural. 


I would not consider straightening the river, because it would reduce dock space. It would not have any ecological impact.  The river natural path was already altered, the west branch is the true path, and it was already straightened once.  Some including myself have considered reconnecting the west branch to the lake, but I no longer find that idea appealing since it would introduce the contaminated water closer to the beach at Edgewater.


The EPA had real good action plan for the river and I would hope that if we get a administration change in Washington, that agenda will get back on track, and eventually some day the steel mills will be gone and the valley will get reclaimed, but that event is outside of our existence.  Did you know that when Sulfur dioxide is combined it water it become sulfuric acid.  So when you shop at the Steel Yard Commons that sulfur dioxide you breath in is combining with the moisture in your lungs and actually eating away the tissue.  The government restricted the land from residential development, because the longer you are there the more significant the damage.  But it is ok for a retail manager to put in 60 hrs a week at the location, which they do.   I think they should have called in Venus commons, you know the atmosphere on Venus is less than 1% sulfur dioxide and its clouds are all sulfuric acid.  You know if you are visiting a Volcano they will warn you about the sulfur dioxide, the park rangers wear masks.   Are there SO2 sensors in the shopping center? 


I would like to approach the city for a small business loan, I would like to open up a kiosk that monitors SO2 and sell masks.  


I do not use the word stupid that often, it’s a class thing my mother taught us it was not nice.  But every time I drive by the steelyard commons I always think “stupid”?   



prevailing westerly winds

All well and true Oengus, but it was a joke played on all of us.  Steelyard may be subjected to acid fall out, but it is more likely that the fall out is landing further east of us, rather than at Steelyard Commons. 


As for the Cuyahoga River, I spent two years of my life working for the environmental planning group that coordinates communication between the stakeholders (businesses, NEORSD, City of Cleveland Water dept) that use our waterway.  Yes--the Cuyahoga River is most certainly not in its natural state.  But, it behooves all of us to know our river (and ultimately water supply--Lake Erie water intake crib is located 3 miles out) and to improve the water quality and habitat of our American Heritage Rivers.  Steelyard Commons provides access to the River.  The goods outweigh the bad.