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Ken Blackwell is out of office but his legacy is still in charge in Ohio.


When you vote you must have a utility bill (one option - other options equally not equitable) as evidence - What does a utility bill have to do with your citizenship?  Or you must have a valid Ohio drivers License… but doesn’t it cost to get a driver’s license just like it costs to pay your utility bill? 


So both those items are actually poll taxes aren’t they?   

Does the guy who collects scrap metal all day and lives in the shelter get a utility bill?  I know he doesn’t drive because I picked him up to take him to the scrap yard.


Then came the provisional ballot business (yellow paper form on upper right hand of photo).  But,  if you are on the precinct list (ie voted in that precinct before) then any valid state ID is good at the poll.  In other words, the state ID does not have to be OHIO state ID. 

This debate took about 25 minutes, and again, to the credit of the polling supervisor who did not at first understand the regulations, once the call was made to the board of elections, this issue was straightened out. 

Can you photograph the Diebold you are voting on?  Romeo from the board of elections said no, but couldn't quote the reg.  To his credit, he said he'd ask his supervisor.  Supervisor said AOK to shoot your own Diebold, just not the guy's next to you. 

Anyway that discussion is silly. Everyone has a cellcam. 

The Diebold has little modesty "curtain" panels which you can swing over the screen to vote more discretely.  And a little paper "grocery store" receipt tape which shows in ink on paper how you voted.


Would I trust it more than the punch card ballots?

Did Diebold contribute to Bush?  With a vengeance.


My point with this post is that in the 2008 presidential elections, if you are a voter without the prima facie ID forms, you will have to fight tooth and nail to get your plastic credit card to activate the Diebold . 


Surely it is easier to vote in the mountains of

Afghanistan - where  US  "democracy" is really  effective.

And what is the KeyPad for?


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  The complete breakdown of democracy.