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latin dancers ingenuity

On the last stage venue open on Sunday at Ingenuity Fest Steve Anthony and his partner enjoyed each other's subtle tactile guidance through a sophisticated repertoire on the asphalt street  - which included a very smooth under and between the legs pass for her.  Asked by the band to come up on stage with another dancing pair already performing, I found a heightened tension in the couple politics – the new to the stage floor very alpha female is dance tested by the male already on stage – then back to her original partner.   Sexist perhaps, nontheless Pretty cool.  Got a better idea?


Steve's tip:  want to learn Latin dance …be at Vue (spelling?), Downtown Cleveland, (Maybe corner of Prospect and 6th? – I haven’t been there) second floor, any Friday night at 9:00. 

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my old sony disc camera


Boy I could have nailed this dance with my newer (now two year old) panasonic.  The blurrrrr would be history, and I would have many more shots which captured every motion and touch.   I still remember this pair clearly, they were beautiful dancers.  Look at their hands...   Nostalgia! Technology! I have learned a lot since then.


Never better said, "a

Never better said, "a picture is worth a thousand words."