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 While the US is spending trillions on killing and being killed while we disassemble Iraq on a lie about WMD from our government – while we heckle Iran and North Korea with “homeland security” as our rationale – while we lock up and persecute “dirty bombers” for years without trial, while we lock up “high value” suspects on a Caribbean Island which it is illegal for US citizens to visit – WE REMAIN SELF-DELUSIONAL ABOUT THE REAL KILLER IN OUR LAPS.   




When I was in grade school the teacher practiced and taught similar self-delusion to make us students safe from nuclear bombs.   We got under our little wood desks and faced away from the windows so the nuclear flash wouldn’t burn our young eyes.  If you were rich I think the IRS had deductions for building underground bomb shelters with stockpiled canned goods (I like tunafish) and a carbon filter for the breathing air. Boy did those rich guys waste their investment!  Ha Ha!


Well we came through that 50’s and 60’s nuke scare real good.  Cuz we’re smart. That’s why.


Now our government is protecting us from a smorgasbord of  real scary threats.  Not like just the simple straight forward nuke threat in the 50’s and 60’s.  Today it’s real complicated – and we have to keep all that dangerous stuff out of our country,  keep it on the other side of the border, the other side of the ocean.  We need our solders to break into people's homes in the middle of the night to see if there are any GUNS UNDER THEIR BEDS!.  There are so many foreigners with devious minds and intentions after us now.    Really too many threats to focus on - so Uncle Sam focuses for us … And once your army breaks down someone’s door in the middle of the night and tears your house apart while the father is on the floor with a gun to his head and the kids are watching while they rub the sleep out of their eyes…well after that everyone in that family will leave the US alone.  Seriously, I know a psychologist who said that it’s the best way.


All this goes to show that our government and leaders are really up to the task.  And of course our government needs all the constitutional latitude they can get.  If they are able just to peek at  your bank account, email and cell phone records, and lock you up for 4 or 5 years before you get to talk to your attorney then everything will be OK.


Oh, and there’s one more thing.  Personal Protection.  You gotta carry heat.  Just in case. You should give up all of your constitutional freedoms, except for one.  The Wrong to Carry Arms. That freedom our government will not trample.   Cuz we’re smart. That’s why. 


Yesterday morning, when the death toll was being announced at about 8 persons, I heard the woman who is Bush’s press secretary being  quoted on NPR as saying that Bush had made the following statement:   “The president expresses his horror at this tragedy, his thoughts go out to the victim's families, but the president continues to support the right to bear arms.”   As the day went on and the death toll climbed, the press secretary dropped the “right to bear arms” part of the president’s earlier announcement. Wonder why the press secretary and the president didn’t continue to press their honorable belief in the right to bear arms?


The NRA will be laying low for a while, saying it isn’t the fault of the gun. DUH.  The NRA line is “Guns don’t kill, people do”.  Real twisted.  If not to kill, WTF are guns for?


So, as I always try to do, I’ll wrap up this post with a suggestion on how we might learn from this predictable tragedy.  We need to learn a defense against school-style gun massacres.  We need teachers who practice with their students a defense against such massacres.   The gunman yesterday went into 4 separate class rooms because everyone just hunkered down.  No one wants to be the first in a line of persons charging a gunner, but sadly, that is the only defense in this type of situation.  So teachers need to teach their classes to count to 3, and then everyone charge the gunperson simultaneously.  Some of those charging will be killed, but it is the only way to overpower the gunman.  Maybe everyone can be taught to shove their classroom tables or chairs (if they are movable) at the gunman simultaneously .  Only by successful simultaneous mass attack on the gunman will a class have a chance. 


It isn’t like it was in the 50’s and 60’s.


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That is like the 50s and 60s and correct

Actually, if schools taught students that at any moment some mentally polluted person could come in with a gun and kill everyone in the room with an AK-47, or 9mm, for that matter, and there were monthly drills where a surprise psycho attacked each classroom, and the students attacked back, we would create a community of people who were as freaked out about psychos with guns and psychos as people were freaked out about Russians with nukes (I remember the end of that era... we went to the boiler room). If young people had to think about this threat all day every day... talk to their parents about that once a month... they would all think about whether they want psychos and psychos with guns in this world... guns in this world. Fact is, the Virginia Tech killer was psycho - killers are psycho - these are psycho times in America (I contend, due to our toxic environment). How do we want them to kill? I don't care. When do we address the root of the insanity? Now. I don't fear guns, I fear mental pollution.

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Certain risks need to be prepared for ahead of time.   Fire is one of those accepted risks.  Though fire drills may give some children night mares, the solution for that nervousness is mental adjustment, not stopping fire drills for those who may be traumatized.  Another accepted risk is faced in flying - where stewards announce the location of life vests before every flight.   That announcement I’m sure makes passengers a little nervous (what makes me nervous is that there has never been a successful water landing of a large passenger aircraft) but the FAA procedure prevails.   Yet another accepted risk which we warn about is pedophiles.  We tell our youngsters “don’t ever accept a ride from a stranger” but that warning shouldn’t make children fear every car and every stranger to the point of depriving the youngster of a calm and happy life.  So I think we need an announced risk avoidance plan for school shootings too.


School shootings will continue as long as guns are easily available.  Fact of Life.  Yes, training kids to defend against school shootings will engender perhaps  a bit of uneasiness and anxiety.  Still, I believe we need to train school kids how to best defend themselves in a school shooting situation.  What would you have done if you had been in one of the classrooms in Virginia?


There will always be persons whose minds are unstable.  Mental illness in some portion of the population is INEVITABLE – most with mental illness aren’t dangerous but there will always be a few who are aggressive towards others.  It is very difficult to anticipate that dangerous aggression, even though statistically we know it will happen. 


On the other hand, it is not INEVITABLE that hand guns are available.  Eliminating the availability of hand guns is humanly possible, but eliminating that fraction of the population with aggressive mental illness is not humanly possible.   Mentally ill persons – even those who are aggressive – don’t scare me, but mentally ill (for that matter almost anyone, even the Vice President!) persons with a gun do.  To me, having a gun on your person is a sign of instability in itself -  because if you really believe there is a danger to you, there has to be a better way to defend against that anticipated danger than to allow it to unfold and then blast lead at it.

Interesting chat with a homeless man about shooting

I was chatting with a homeless guy downtown last night, who said he'd just gotten out of prison, and he was talking about how people approach other people. He said if you approch him and seem friendly, and his mind is in the right place, no problem. But if you come up on him wrong or his mind is in the wrong place and he has a gun he's going to be shooting. Don't know if he has a gun (not registered, I'm assume) and don't know if he would act on his threat, but that his mind can get in such wrong places and he is so willing to threaten to shoot away gives some sign of the problem. He's looking for work... anyone want to hire him, with or without a gun? Anyone have some meds for him, and a program to get him off the street and his mind in the right place and keep it there. Otherwise, he's probably going to end up back in prison, and some people could get shot.

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Root of Insanity

I think that it is time for our country to revisit and revise the Constitution to include some common sense.  So sad, so senseless.  When will we learn?   Show me the light...

Gun Control

You want gun control, but we need immigrant control. The Vtech shooter was an immigrant. As a non-cictizen he should've been part of the groups forbidden to own or purchase firearms. Whatever your interpretation of the second ammedment, it doesn't apply to people who haven't taken the step to become Americans. Its asinine that any state would have laws that would allow this man to buy these things.

Read This:


I think that you are just using this tragedy to further your agenda which is pretty damn low.

Mr. Cho shouldn't have had a gun because of his mental health.  Many immigrants work in this country are law-abiding and mind their own business. 

Our current method of dealing with immigrants doesn't work for anyone: many immigrants get ripped off where wages are concerned and citizens can't find jobs because companies are looking to undercut citizens and hire cheaper.  In addition, America opens itself up for problems such as overpopulation and overburdening our already taxed social dental floss (it's no longer a safety net).

That could have easily been an American citizen...it's not like it hasn't happened before (Oklahoma City, Columbine High...AMERICAN mass murders perpetrated by AMERICANS.)