Wana see my 45?

Submitted by Lee Batdorff on Sun, 03/25/2007 - 21:26.

At about 5:30 p.m. this evening I walked south bound on the Coventry Road sidewalk in front of City Buddha and two young teenage boys walked by me headed north. The shorter of the two stopped and pulled what looked like a pistol handle from his pocket and said, "wana see my 45?" The taller boy laughed.

I said "oh yea," thought it was a joke, and walked on. About 45 minutes later when I got home I looked on the Web for a pix of a 45 caliber pistol. What I saw looked like what he showed me. I call the Cleveland Heights Police and gave them a description of the boys. They were black. The kid who pulled the pistol handle from his pocket had short hair, wore a red and white shirt and blue pants.

I should have walked into City Buddha just after it happened and asked to use their telephone and called the police. I suppose they were headed for North Coventry.

The inclination in such a situation is to want things to be "normal." Well, they just might not be "normal." If you are going to be in Coventry, or North Coventry or anywhere else for that matter, keep your eyes open and a fast acting brain.


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Flooding the streets

I work with kids and I have heard rumors of guns becoming more widely available, specifically 45s, which the cops don't use.  The kid recently shot in Akron (ostensibly he took himself out) used a 45.  What's going on?

That is frightening and sad

I'm sorry to hear that. Coventry is a great street and area - I've lived around there on several occasions and love it. There is no doubt there are dangerous people of all types all around NEO, and it is sad some Americans have made it so easy for people to buy and trade in guns - legally and illegally - I hope those punks were playing with toys, going off un-cocked, or come down off whatever high they are on before someone gets killed. Bottom line, wherever you are in America, there are crazy people of all types who are armed and dangerous - it sucks.

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what's going on

If in fact the 45-caliber is now fashionable among the younger set, what's going on is that things are no longer as easily ignored as they had been--the punks are dealing with something more serious than they are. How do we crack down on unlicensed carriers? Who's making these things available in the underground or black market? How do we get to the source, and who are they, and how do they operate unimpeded? That's what's more scary than droves of teens with 45s.

Gun shows

I was told that the guns on the street are coming from gun shows.



This is not a rhetorical question we need to Google.  The answer is a clear “NO”.  And every police department’s evidence locker is full of these stolen, black market weapons.   

So that means there really is no regulation of hand guns in our society.  The façade of regulation of hand guns is, in fact,  a charade perpetrated on the guileless public. Suggesting that murders committed with handguns just represents "mis-use" of handguns is a self-delusional red herring.


There is a critical disconnect in the USA’s NRA bought-and-paid-for federal and state gun regulations.   Gun – especially hand gun – legislation is basically a diversionary, placatory hoax.  As the level of national mayhem heightens, all the permits, background checks, and concealed carry rules are merely intentionally distracting window dressing – because the vast majority of guns used in crimes aren’t registered to the killer.  And of course, even registered hand guns kill effectively in a fit of passion or in a robbery.  Handguns are so lethal, and so easy to hold and use in close quarters and their deadly force so permanent, that handguns should be completely out of civilian circulation just because their ease of use threshold is too low. Consider how many murders are committed with a knife or a club or a rifle – all of which are effective killing weapons, but which take more energy, thought, and time to carry and use.  Duelers used pistols.   Pistols have cache.  Every bravado boasting Wayne Western used hand guns as the "force".  Face to face at High Noon.   Satisfying expulsion.  Tip up the barrel and smell the curling smoke.  

Dirty Harry "made his day" not with a rifle, but with the phallic flung fatal force of a pistol's ejection.   ( Sudhir, that ones for you)


 The US, and the world, is flooded with cheap guns – and these guns move in an unregulated underground economy.  Since it isn’t a registered gun that is in the hands of 7 Eleven stick up men – or the kid with the 45 on Coventry – even discussing this state’s rules vs that state’s rules is hypocritical – because such discussion avoids the real truth, the real problem – the allowance by the federal government of mass domestic manufacture and import of handguns.  The only practical way to diminish hand gun violence is through constriction of handgun availability at the top level of the mercantile channel.


“Control” of handguns through “legislation” is also a hypocritical farce  because, with our federal narcotic drug “control” policy the US takes an opposite approach.  Federal narcotic rules don’t allow for “registered” users of cocaine or heroin,  instead federal rules ban such narcotics categorically.


 I believe that both gun and narcotic control policies should be reversed – because narcotics are (more) addictive (becoming a medical dependency problem for the user) than hand guns and inexpensively provided narcotics damage only the user – not an innocent party as is the case when shot.   Narcotics are not an offensive weapon.  Our federal and state policies should allow registered narcotic users to access inexpensive government distributed narcotics, and our federal and state policies should ban outright private ownership of all handguns. 


By the way, since we are sure that we have the constitutional right to carry heat for self defense, what’s wrong with permitting hand grenades (and cyanide too)  for good measure?






Or the price of it. I am being ironic here.  Some freedom.  I sure would love to have some freedom to live without fear of guns.  And while we are sort of on the subject of the constitution, I don't consider asking parents to sign a waiver to permit their kids to use the Internet at a public library a gross infringement of that kid's freedom/rights. Where are parental rights?  Oh right, the Internet has all of life's answers.
Does this seem unreasonable?...

Computers in Branches  |   Computer Use by Minors   |   Responsibility of Users  
|   Warnings & Restrictions

In keeping with our mission to make accessible the broadest possible range of information in a variety of formats, Cuyahoga County Public Library provides public access to the Internet.

The Library cannot control and is not responsible for the content or accuracy of information accessed over the Internet. Any restrictions of a child's access to the Internet are the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian.

Computers Use by Minors  

It is the policy of Cuyahoga County Public Library that the full responsibility for the use of materials and resources by a minor (use by children under the age of 18) rests with his or her parents or legal guardian. Any minor not accompanied by a parent or guardian will need a parental approved Internet Access Pass to use the Internet.

To obtain a pass, the parent/guardian should complete the permission form available at any local branch. The minor's library card and proof of address is required along with identification. Temporary one-day passes are available at local branches.

We also offer a "One-Time Pass" Internet Permission for Minors.  If you choose not to sign an unlimited  Internet usage form for your minor child, you can opt to complete the One-Time Pass which allows your child to use the Internet for the day while you are also in the library.  Ask for the One-Time Pass at the reference desk in the library.

Library computers are available for the use of authorized persons and activity only, and activity may be subject to monitoring, recording, and periodic audits. Library equipment may not be used to harass others or for any illegal activity.

Anyone using Library computer systems expressely consents to the above and to all Cuyahoga County Public Library policies and rules.

No minor will be denied access to databases with limited access to magazine/journal articles or to the online catalog.

Even with a parental permission form on file, the Library reserves the right to deny access to a minor not accompanied by a parent or legal guardian when the minor is found to be inappropriately using the Internet.

On drugs and regulation

After attending the Lead Advisory Council meeting yesterday, where we learned that a huge percentage of violent people, drug users and the prison population are lead poisoned, I realize most of the activity and cost of our criminal justice system is for nothing more than imprisoning mentally-ill victims of lead poisoning, who are thus physically wired wrong, leading them to be violent, unstable, and self-medicating... including smoking cigarettes (adding a whole new dimension of societal cost). Now that we know that, it is very easy to solve two problems... most violent behavior and the prison/justice industries can be eliminated. So, just test all the people in prisons and let free those who are lead poisoned  and allow the lead poisoning victims to have medication. I suggest the cheapest solution is to allow them to grow some pot. We will have made them happier and calmer, helped control their lead-poisoning related violence, medicated them, decriminalized them, and eliminated their need to steal. As society chose to allow a few corporations and politicians to poison these millions of people, meaning they do not have the mental capacity to function in today's society, we should allow them to live happy lives within the constraints of their mentally destroyed states, in a new society in which they may function. Considering the millions of people with minds killed by lead, and killing because of lead, I see the issue of guns as a minor one, vs. lead poisoning and false imprisonment and persecution for mental illnesses caused by corporations. The reduced expense of not prosecuting and imprisoning 1,000,000s of poisoned Americans can be invested in pursuing the real criminals of our society (feel free to imprison the 1,000s of corporate executives, lawyers, legislators and judges who committed the lead poisoning and the false imprisonment of millions). As I don't expect there will be much crime and violence of the type we see today, the justice forces can really focus on those who are not mentally ill yet still commit crimes, like Mitt Romney, who wants to be President yet appears to use guns illegally and commit fraud by lying about that, over and over. Actually, that may well be a sign of mental illness as well... perhaps his bone lead level should be tested too.

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I again see the connection to lead

I think you are basically right, but wonder what qualifies a person to own a gun. For example, based on recent research no body that is lead poisoned should be allowed to own or handle a gun, and should instead be medicated to control their violent behavior. That is a lifelong condition - so that should be a lifelong ban. If we can insure people who are mentally ill, including lead poisoned, are not allowed to have guns, and are medicated, then we will have a much safer society. BTW, the District of Columbia has one of the highest lead poisoning incidents rates in America (.pdf file), explaining the high level of violence there. Sometimes, the answers are more easy to find than expected, but the solutions are so much more complex than society may like. Start at the bones (where the lead is stored) and work out.

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In Cleveland, 2 or 3 vs. 10,000s

The bottom line is that in Cleveland alone 10,000s of children a year are lead poisoned. How many children are shot in the head? 2 or 3? Seems lead poisoning is a bigger issue. So, in comparison, shoot away with guns, but deal with lead poisoning.

What are the causes of mental illness?

I know lead poisoning causes ADHD and other mental illness... connected to Alzheimer's and Autism... connection with Schizophrenia. Man has caused other mental illnessses with other substances. I don't know of mental illnesses caused by life in real nature. I believe mental illnesses are all manmade. What is your theory? What makes people mentally ill? What causes human violence on humans (and other life forms)? No need for guns for that. Hence, to me guns are a minor issue, although in the hands of the mentally ill so fatal. RIP Masumi and John.

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Concealed or fashion accessory?

Before this goes to far.  I don't want to be a gunslinger.

I'm just not inclined to kill

When I knew killing was not in my character was scuba diving, when I had a speargun and wanted to kill some fish for dinner. But, being close range killing, when I looked in their eyes I couldn't do it. So I still have the conflict in my heart about not being vegan and need to focus on that. If I can't kill Bambi, I shouldn't eat Bambi. Is any human more important than Bambi?

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  As with asbestos, lead paint, cigarettes, and the Chevy Corvair (Ralph Nader took that death trap out of production), we need a class action lawsuit that prevails against hand gun manufacturers.   I don’t believe we will get relief through legislation because of the monetary lobby strength of the NRA.


England has a no handgun policy and its death rate from hand guns is vastly lower than WildWestUS’s death rate.  Compared to England it is clear that the NRA is taking the country down a hellish path of free-to-fire “public safety” non-logic.    Bush will bring “democracy” to Baghdad by destroying the city and killing and driving its citizens out, just as the NRA will keep upstanding concealed carry citizens safe by allowing the neighborhood to be flooded with lethal handguns which kill our children and and our Salims making our overall quality of life dismal. 


Handguns are a perfect example of why we should not constrain damage awards in class action lawsuits.  Class actions are another way of “legislating”, when the legislature we pay salary to fails, as it has miserably in allowing rampant handgun availability.

Incidentally, in Florida you could have legally shot and killed your threatening - he showed you a gun handle - assailant.  Are you ready for that type of quick thinking and action?  That's the path on which Ohio is headed.  Make my Day!

Gun Control is a color issue... NRA Blacklist

It is so easy to think of guns as a modern, urban cultural problem but when I think of the absurdity of gun violence in America I think of the National Rifle Association and their Blacklist, and folk like Alice Cooper, David Duke, Charlton Heston and Ronald Reagan... from his speach at the NRA convention in 1983: "It's a nasty truth, but those who seek to inflict harm are not fazed by gun control laws. I happen to know this from personal experience."

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Join the NRA Blacklist here

They're all on a 19-page blacklist of "anti-gun" individuals, including authors, religious organizations, businesses and celebrities compiled by the National Rifle Association. And like many blacklists, the purpose is all too clear: to intimidate and silence anyone who disagrees with the NRA's extremist agenda.

Right now the NRA is frantically shoving dangerous bills through Congress that would make it easier for criminals to get guns. It's time for our political leaders to stand with the American people and stand up to the NRA to stop the flow of illegal guns into our communities.

Join the thousands of others who have added their names to the NRA Blacklist by signing this petition to stop Congress from rolling back sensible gun laws. Our goal is to send Congress a petition with one million names.

Join our Campaign Against Illegal Guns. Tell Congress: Don't Make It Easier for Criminals to Get Guns! The National Rifle Association and other extremists in the gun lobby want Congress to hide the disturbing truth that the gun industry is complicit in gun trafficking. Congress should be cracking down on criminal gun dealers, not coddling them. We Need Your Help to Stop Them!

Click here for more information from the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Isn't England...

Isn't England also a compulsory service country?

I think that if America had compulsory service, guns wouldn't hold such allure.

Derek Arnold - http://subsetofderek.blogspot.com

the good guys in the white hats

Jeff, I've always liked the idea of the plaintiffs' bar riding in to the rescue. Class action suits are part of the community dialogue and seem to be quite effective for rebalancing imbalances, for a while.

Guns, violence, nothing new in Cleveland

When will we learn? I was doing research in the Western Reserve Historical Society Library today, looking at microfiche  of newpapers from the 1950s. I was surprised to come across several articles about gun related accidents and crimes -- robberies, domestic violence, etc. So much for the good old days. The saddest was a short article about a little boy who was shot dead by his own mother while playing cops and robbers with a real gun, which she thought was not loaded. The gun belonged to the boy's father. As a mother, it terrifies me that my son could someday be the victim of a gun related accident. As long as some American's fiercely defend the right to bear arms guns will be readily accessible to anyone.

Gun safety and guns

I've always enjoyed shooting guns. As a kid, I'd visit friends in Canada and we'd shoot a BB gun at cans and such. Around 7th grade I took a target shooting class, at a practice range in the basement of the Shaker Heights High School (wonder if that is still there) and in college I took skeet and trap, and some relatives have huge gun collection. So I see the allure of guns... they are amazing. But I've also been around too many people... generally very responsible people... who combined guns and alcohol, for example, to really trust too many people to have guns. While not a hunter, I can understand some people wanting to hunt (although lead can be an issue), and I can understand people needing guns in some lines of work. I can also understand people collecting guns, whether for historical purposes or intrigue, and target and sport shooting all seem legitimate. So I don't see myself as anti-gun, if there are going to be guns in society at all. But I don't like the politics on any side of the gun issue. Your postings here offer good insight on related issues - thanks for joining this exploration.

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Wouldn't count on this one

I'm not sure what type of Lead Dust you ar talking about, but the most common reason for lead poisoning today is lead dust from lead paint. The window opens and closes, and the paint wears down and becomes dust, and children touch the window sill or dust on the floor or toy, and with very small amounts they are poisoned and brain dead, forever. Another tragic situation is little lead toys from China, where lead is common place, that children eat and kills them. I'm not a scientist so not able to tell you the difference between ingesting lead dust from paint vs. lead dust from hunting but I suspect lead dust from hunting, in what ever form, is harmful for humans. Results in humans can include kidney failure, tooth decay, and Alzheimer's.

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