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A very cool person, who just moved back to the Cleveland area, tuned me in to this site  Mary Ann your family needs a have two kids (boys?) and so do Norm and Evelyn.  Talk to them.  Think of the synergy :)

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Stitching time

Thanks for linking in StitchCleveland - beautiful site and really cool initiative. AJ Rocco's and Bela Duby have knitting meetups and I think they are fun to see. And always glad to see great new families in Cleveland - please feel free to get in touch and we'll share what we know about the region... one thing we like is the "Kids Food Coop" in Ohio City... there are lots of great ways to engage children in the community here.

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Laura: If I were truly cool,

Laura: If I were truly cool, I'd be blogging at RealNEO...OK, so here I am, trying! Thanks for the nudge. Nice to see the little plug for StitchCleveland; crafty types will find much to like, including enthusiasm of co-owner Shannon Okey who I had the chance to meet last week. (There is also an adjoining yarn shop.) I appreciate the local introductions. Hi Norm! We will check out the Kids Food Coop for starters.

We're hosting the Kids Food Coop this week

Hi Mary Ann - welcome! We are hosting the Kids Food Coop this week and I'll have Evelyn post more about it - I believe it will be Sunday afternoon and there are fun activities planned... please plan to join us! More info to come soon...

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Needless to say

You are part of the revolution.  Now, we get more people to talk and we have a real PARTY.  I don't care if I don't always agree with the voices on line.  I like being able to think out loud.  If it doesn't make sense, just ignore it.  Afterall, even crazy people make sense some of the time! And, best of all, you can revise and revisit your thoughts at REALNEO.  And, it is also fun to see which posted items generate the most response.  For example, I never expected a big response to my ODOT post on the Opportunity Corridor and yet it keeps getting visitors.  So, maybe the fat cats will take notice....

omininous offering

the fat cats already have

Invite to a cool event

    Hi Mary Ann. I would like to invite you and your family to a meeting of the Westside Kid's Coop this Sunday June 24th at 1 pm, 4505 Clinton Avenue in Ohio City (call or email me for directions).
This will be a greate way for you to meet some cool families, get a feel for Ohio City, and have a fun afternoon. One of my favorite things about living in Ohio City is the Westside Food Coop. About 3 months ago we also started a children's fruit and vegetable coop. There are about 12 member families that take turns hosting the meetings and shopping for 4-5 fruits and vegetables to distribute to each child at the meetings. The objective is to teach children healthy eating by having a monthly meeting with fresh foods and an activity related to fruits and vegetables. This Sunday I will be doing three crafts related to fruits and vegetables.

All Realneo members are welcome!

Sounds like fun

Hi Evelyn,
Thanks. We plan to come, 2 of us for sure, maybe 2 more...depending on the need for that midday nap. ;)

slow food organic orgy

I might be in, have to check Cincinnati plans if I go.   Evelyn, hope you're doing well !