Inner Circle ? Whose inner circle?

Submitted by lmcshane on Tue, 11/06/2007 - 12:08.

Today I received my e-newsletter from University Circle Incorporated.  Lo and behold--they are using a new title.  The INNER CIRCLE! A promising sign.  So, when do the UCI organizations become part of the REAL INNER CIRCLE?  Let's hope soon.  Cavanna Faithwalker of CMA presented an excellent presentation, on incorporating Art into our lives from preschool up, to educators (all women!) at Cuyahoga County Public Library.  So much potential. 

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Lo and behold

Northeast Ohio, we still need a model of intergenerational collaboration towards early childhood development and literacy. 


  The Cleveland BOZA site makes for interesting late night reading:

Isabella Basile, owner, and Bassem Abdelhamid, tenant, appeal for a change of use from a carryout restaurant to a hookah lounge, serving flavored tobacco and non-alcoholic beverages in a first floor space of a four-story mixed use building, located in split zoning between General Retail Business and Multi-Family Districts on the northeast corner of Euclid Avenue and East 116th Street at 11621 Euclid Avenue; the proposed use being subject to the limitations of Section 337.08 and not permitted in a Multi-Family District but first permitted in a Local Retail Business District; and contrary to Section 349.04(f) no parking is proposed where 16 off-street parking spaces are required; and the substitution of a nonconforming use requires the Board of Zoning Appeals approval as stated in Section 359.01 of the Codified Ordinances.  (Filed 10-19-07)

This Hookah Lounge is planned for the corner of East 116th, where I once lived in University Circle, and next to the resurrected Euclid Tavern, which is being lovingly restored.  We got a sneak peak of the Euc today before the excellent Tony Hiti lecture at the Sculpture Center.  It is good to see some life coming back to the area.  

I have my fingers crossed for University Circle, but I dread the thought of some of the proposed architecture and plans to demolish some of CWRU's and UH's best buildings.  And what about green space?  When I lived on East 115th St.  the corner lot was promised to be retained as a pocket park. 

University Hospitals, owner, and Marc Bittinger, agent, appeal to install a new modular medical office building on a northwest corner of property located in a Multi-Family District at 2071 Cornell Road; the proposed installation being situated on the rear third of a corner lot in a Residence District, where the rear lot line abuts a Residence District, and a 6 foot distance is proposed, where the building line shall be not less than 10 feet back from the side street line, according to the provisions of Section 357.05(b) of the Codified Ordinances. (Filed 9-24-07)

 No more.  East 115th becomes one more residential street lost in the canyon between two parking garages.


  If we ever get some real winter weather--UCI should consider lowering the water level in the Wade Park lagoon to allow ice skating again.