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UCI Demolition of Historic District and Parklands

The winner of the corrupt, evil, stupid planning disaster of 2007 is hands-down the demolition of a block of historic mixed-use landmark buildings and 100+ year old parkland trees in the Wade Park, East Boulevard, Rockefeller Park historic district of University Circle, which were clearly demolished without plans for the future by planners paid $ million in public and private funds, lead by Porter... er, Chris Ronayne... with political leadership from backers of mindless VA hospital expansion, for which Stephanie Tubbs Jones takes credit. More on this on REALNEO here... and here.

We will soon come to know this as an "Opportunity Corridor" demolition...

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From what I observed being at the Port Move hearing yesterday, The City of Cleveland, Ohio has a BRAIN DEAD City Planning Commission.  Lillian Kuri tried to take a few strokes, but then didn't get to the end of the pool.  

That's a swimming analogy.


Ever been involved in a sport where you weren't in physical shape enough to even finish the race? 

I'm not talking win, place, or lose.   I'm talking just finish.

If yesterday's City Planning Commission meeting were a swimming race - say a 50 yard freestyle - ie just one lap - the only Commission member to even jump into the pool was Ms. Kuri.  

Not much of a splash.

Minimal thrashing, then completely out of breath.   She didn't even get to the middle of the pool.  She returned to the point she jumped in, held onto the gutter for a few minutes, and then slipped under water and out of sight, slowly dropping down wide-eyed to the bottom of the pool with the other commissioners.  


Rather than this, it would be better to DISBAND the Cleveland Planning Commission.     The proposal to move the City of Cleveland Port to  E55th Street is the biggest planning issue which has ever come before the Commission.  Moving the Port involves – by the statement of Adam Wasserman – over 500 acres of  “hinterland” in the St Clair area of Cleveland. 


There is NO PLAN for this area and how the proposed Port move will impact the area. 


No public from the area spoke at the hearing. 


Ports bring vastly increased air pollution – environmental impacts were never mentioned.


So the Commission is a detriment for all of Cleveland and NEO.  The fact that it seems to exist – but is entirely  BRAIN DEAD -  means that the Commission  just acts as a cover for mindless development.   


If there were no Commission, then we would realize we are getting MINDLESS DEVELOPMENT – so the Commission only acts to hide the truth from the public it purports to serve. 


        THAT’S CLEVELAND + PLUS delusion.


Breaking NEWS

Do not leave your house to drive somewhere.  Don't even be tempted to drive anywhere.  Use some common sense.  If it is absolutely imperative to get somewhere, then walk or take the bus.  I saw the buses running on Pearl Rd. as I walked to a nearby store, but I also saw three stuck cars on my short walk to ALDIs down a fairly major street.   ALDIs just shut down early and stores and businesses throughout the city are shut.  Call before you leave your house to walk anywhere.  Ask your neighbors for essentials.  This is a crazy standstill with a purpose.  Find a way to enjoy it.  Bake something.


  I know that I am not the only one here scratching my head on the locations of the headers.  Please label the images...I will also try harder.

Thanks!  For instance, where was this great image shot?

Community bulletin board on Hessler Street

Right across the street from where I used to live... in Cleveland's first historic district, created by a co-op of citizens to protect our valuable built structures form demolition by Case University...

Case got the Community Garden around the corner, for the Mandel Poverty School, but couldn't get all this (which really pisses all Them off).

They'll hate it when REAL Co-op puts land and value in the hands of other citizens... good for citizens!

Disrupt IT

Choice of weapons

Thank you to RAG aka Dennis Maxfield for taking up arms (in this case a camera) to demand accountability from our representatives and local government and for reminding us through photos posted here at REALNEO of the story that has been told and lost to future generations.

Keep up the great and amazing work!  I think Gordon Parks is smiling down on you from heaven :)