Sad state

Submitted by lmcshane on Mon, 03/10/2008 - 18:05.

Woe is me.  The sad state of communication leads to a state of confusion in Northeast Ohio at every level.  Street, block, neighborhood, county, state, ad infinitum...  Will anyone ever figure out the new media?  Please.  Today, as Councilman Cummins knows...I fielded questions about snow bans, plowing, school closings, and sidewalks.  Kids did not get picked up by school buses, because the streets were impassable. 

What can we do about this Mayor Jackson?  By now, most of us have Internet access and the rest certainly have a TV.  Let's all talk.  Please.

I will be emailing my own suggestions, but can we start with the ability for your office to post critical alerts on the City of Cleveland web site? 

A great city is not merely a collection of buildings. It is a place of connections.* At its simplest, a connection can be a bike path that connects a neighborhood to the waterfront or a bus line that connects people to jobs. At its most fundamental, a connection can be a shared space - an urban plaza, a neighborhood park, a community institution or even a coffee shop - that connects people to one another in a way that creates a sense of "place" and a sense of belonging - that elusive but enduring thing that we call a "community."

Cleveland is a great city, a place of connections - an evolving community, vibrant and viable, where we can all belong.

-adapted from the Connecting Cleveland 2020 Citywide Plan

Let's live up to the mission statement.  Please send your ideas, suggestions and thoughts to:

Communications [at] city [dot] cleveland [dot] oh [dot] us


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Save our Land calls our attention to the woeful state of Cleveland's website.  Here's an example:

page found elsewhere

I think the Save Our Land blog post refers to the actual structure of government, not the website.

The poster at Save Our Land may have reproduced the links improperly. All of the links work properly on the City's website here:
Mayor's Cabinet

you understand!

Jeff, it seems you understand my thought processes and some of my shorthand. Is that a positive or a negative? Whatever the case, do not be afraid. It's kind of cool in here, living with it, after a while.


Chiefs, directors, and OTHER

  Yes--Jeff--you are right.  I got it wrong and the bad links are just due to copying and pasting.  Mea culpa.  Tim are you trying to say that the City of Cleveland has too many heads like a medusa?

Medusa & Hyrda

Medusa only had one head...


Perhaps you meant Hydra?


or even Cerberus the  three headed hound of Hades, who was a sibling of Hydra's... 

Snake heads

Thanks for the erotic Bellini image :)  No, this time I meant Medusa--I have a mental image of snake heads (but not the fish--snakehead--which gives me the willies!  Smile :)

 Oh where are the good cataloguers, indexers, editors of society?!!!!  We need standards more than ever.

Splash pools

Just checking the City of Cleveland's website for information on possibly opening the splash pools in the parks  to cope with our dog day August RSS feed option would be nice and up-to-the-minute information would be nice, too.  But, I did find Mayor Frank Jackson's urban agenda. 

Dear Mayor Jackson:  It's just so easy to please me--Keep the outdoor pools open longer and don't lower city health standards by letting kids swim in their underwear and by letting everyone get away with no showers before entering the pool.   Raise the bar Mayor Jackson.

City pools

  Just a reminder....I never did a get letter back on my concerns on pool standards in 2008.  Thanks Mr. Mayor.  I know you won't let me down.