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Submitted by robataka on Thu, 12/15/2005 - 15:12.

I saw MShafarenko's (Welcome!!) forum post on Engaging Youth in NEO and noticed that he works at Case. Which reminded me to check my Planet Case rss feed.

Apparently, Case implemented a blogging system back in January of this year. With the appearance
of Planet Case, it has been easier to follow posts of the Case community
of professors, students, and staff. Even, according to Aaron Shaffer,
Case News is now using the blogging system. Even
Lev Govnick's blog now accepts comments and trackbacks.
It'll be interesting to watch what happens when he posts next.

Another Case blog that I have been following for a while is Jeremy Smith's blog.
With all the things that Case is doing with new technology, Jeremy seems to be right on the front lines. So for a semi-geek like
me, it is great reading his stuff which I find just fascinating.

It also reminds me that I need Planet Case to the RealNEO aggregator.....

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Very cool assessment of Planet Case

Thanks for pointing this out. Jeremy Smith's blog is very interesting