Urban versus Sub-Urban

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living in the city means living with people, not cars.

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"at the cutting edge of smart everything"

This is a GREEN success story.  Thank you Michael Chesler and Local 860!  This shows real creativity and it serves as a model for the same kind of renovation that could take place for Wirth House in Brooklyn Centre. 

Looking good for 127
Laborers of love restore Southworth mansion

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Very cool union

It is good to see an important historic property restored so well, and it is tremendous of the union to invest this way in the community they serve. Also nice to see the article end with a quote from our local restoration society about the economics and energy value of renovation, as recently presented so well by Carl Stein... I can't imagine what she means by "at the cutting edge of everything" but for $2.5 million it should be an amazing place!

Kathleen Crowther, executive director of the Cleveland Restoration Society, described the project as being "at the cutting edge of smart everything.

"By selecting an existing building and making it like new, they created more jobs than new construction, and they were being green and sustainable at the same time," she said.

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If the gif code works in drupal to produce a two stage slide show. i'll look at the code and maybe we can adapt it to a larger slide show.  Jeff S, can you help?