What's wrong with this picture?

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What is wrong with this picture?  (Extra credit to any one who can identify the location)  Hint: Back to school!


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I saw them building an ugly one in Lakewood...

I was going to say is this the new Juvi prison on Quincy... and I suppose that is where NEO will send lots of our kids, instead of preparing them to succeed in school... but the Juvi isn't this far along, and doesn't have any beauty nearby. I remember seing them working on at least one really ugly school in Lakewood... am I getting close?

And what is wrong is it is easily mistaken for a prison.

Disrupt IT

the new Ignatius drama center on Lorain?




My coworker said the same thing--wow.  Nope.  Guess, again. Catholic boy, don't you recognize the spires?  The tallest in Cleveland?  If you click on the jpg. you can just make out the name of the street.

too many hints

The new Buhrer Elementary School, at Buhrer and W 17th.

The spires belong to St. Michael's on Scranton.

I'd guess what's wrong is lack of first floor windows? But maybe that's a gymnasium...

looks like a warehouse

and maybe it is...

Back to school

  Buhrer School.  What's wrong?  Let's start with the site--landlocked, next to a highway, and a stone's throw from Luis Marin Munoz-- all the schools are K-8--now. 

No parking (which is okay in my book, but will create a bottleneck of parents delivering their babies to school and congested side streets), a perfectly good south face wall for solar collection wasted, tangled and decrepit power lines, $$$$ wasted....replacing a building that would have lasted as "it was" with a "new building" that will have the same problems as the "old" school.

(And yes--Richard Huberty, skank B&H inspector shows up in this story, too! Frank Giglio's house...La Copa etc.)


The Cleveland Metropolitan School District can build these new prisons, but can not install wi-fi routers in their existing schools for the 2008-2009 school session.

A mom with kids at the "old" Buhrer told me all the school needed was a cafeteria.

Solar Decathlon Results

CWRU, CSU, University of Akron, Ohio State University...wherefore art thou?

When did you cross the line?

..and sell out...would be the question I would ask of the politicians and administrators controlling contracts in the City of Cleveland and elsewhere.  It has become plainly obvious that the needs of the community are not being met.  We tear down residential buildings that can and should be used to meet housing needs.  We tear down schools that can and should be reconfigured and reused.  Who gets these contracts?

In the case of the schools, a former PD editor is paid $240,000 by the school board to provide oversight on the Bond Accountability Commission...

Cleveland school board gives Bond Accountability Commission $240,000

Sunday, September 28, 2008
Thomas Ott
Plain Dealer Reporter


Has the Cleveland and George Gund Foundation matched the program?  What happens to a half-million dollars spent to WATCH the money we have invested to help our kids?


Tipping point

  Reading Malcolm Gladwell's Tipping Point, I think back to the suggestion made by a friend who teaches in the CMSD and lives in Cleveland.  She said that as she travels through Cleveland, she makes a mental note of all the abandoned buildings that would make good school buildings, just waiting for the day someone will ask her--what should we do to help the kids?

Instead, the CMSD continues with their agenda to tear down existing schools, letting most rot until they "need" to be torn down, and continuing with a contract-heavy facilities plan, which receives no scrutiny by the Plain Dealer by design. 

In Gladwell's Tipping Point, he describes the rule of 150 and notes that organizations tend to tip towards disintegration and disorder, when they exceed more than 150 persons.  Instead of big schools, we need many small schools.  Of course, my friend THE TEACHER already knows that.

(Here is a picture of the old Denison School that was torn down for the "new" Denison that will be torn down again...)

Sometimes, when I am feeling

Sometimes, when I am feeling particularly disgusted, I think it would be best to tear down all the Cleveland Public Schools and give the kids vouchers to attend one of the private schools in the area.  If there are not enough private schools to accommodate all the children then build a new private school, perhaps one paid for by one of the corporations. 

I am sure your teacher friend has the best interests of her students in mind.  Too bad the school administrators do not follow her lead. 

Two of my children still reside in Cleveland, they both have school age children, they both send their children to private schools.  Why?  Because they want to give their children an opportunity to be successful.   How do they know that the Cleveland Public Schools are not meeting the needs of the students?  They attended Cleveland Public Schools because their parents were not able to send them to a private school.  Let's face it...the children who are forced to attend Cleveland Public School are at a disadvantage.  So continues the cycle of poor education, poor economic opportunities, poor families, poor neighborhoods.  It stinks....and I hate it!