Can we explain Cleveland's unemployment issues

Submitted by Martha Eakin on Tue, 03/07/2006 - 15:06.

    At the last Cleveland Next meeting, Guhan Venkatu, an economic analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, made a presentation .  He has kindly let us post his power point with the usual sort of proviso...the views espressed are his and "not necessarily those of the FRBC, the board of governors of the FR or its staff".

Since we have spent a lot of time, on this site and at roundtable discussions sponsored by Realneo, discussing the region's strengths and weaknesses, I thought readers might be interested in Mr. Venkatu's experiments comparing Cleveland's economy with that of the nation and also with the rest of Ohio. Perhaps we can suggest some other parameters to be considered.

View the attached power point and/or read the report here:

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