Poet's Corner : Valentine

Submitted by Sudhir Kade on Thu, 02/15/2007 - 18:02.

First Sight


Mesmerized ...


Heart sings
    Heart stings
    Heart strings


(Pull !)


 Inextricably Intriguing

 Scintillating Siren

 Bewitching Beauty


Inside Out




Could this be Love?


penetrating permeating pervading passion


somewhere between

or all Above


Will you be mine?


In my Mind

In my Heart

In my Soul




 a poem by Sudhir Kade Raghupathy



I compliment Sudhir on his strength of character.  He’s got the kind of power I appreciate.   Writing on a public blog about local sprawl and planning issues is easy compared to hammering out a poem and splashing it up on the public wall for scrutiny.  Don’t think so?  You go try it.  


It is one thing to talk about emotion, sensitivity, flesh, your heart with your good buddy or family,  it is another to hitch up your gumption and tackle down those feelings and thoughts on paper, and then it’s an entirely tougher task to take the paper and post it for public consumption.  Will people realize it is a poem? Or will they think it’s me?   Literary exercise? Or Autobiographical…?


Here’s what I assume went through Sudhir’s mind:  “Ok, I’ve done the underground fantasy – but that wasn’t Valentine visceral  material, that was  more intellectual – and intellectual fantasy is close enough to talking about sprawl to go down in public. Well now I’ll take the next bold step.   Deep breath, click SUBMIT” 


Breathe deep, get heady with oxygen!

Screaming fans

If I circulated this poem and your photo around the Lincoln West and Rhodes girl crowd--I guarantee you would have hundreds of screaming fans.  It is so sad to watch these lovesick girls "communicating" on line with who/what/where (?)  I would much rather they fixate on you! But I won't do that to you :)  Lovely.