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Submitted by Sudhir Kade on Mon, 11/28/2005 - 16:22.

With great anticipation, I dive into the blogosphere with this initial entry.  My name is Sudhir Raghupathy and I am a recent graduate of the Weatherhead MBA program at Case, with specialties on Entrepreneurship and Organizational Behavior. As a concerned citizen committed to lifelong learning I currently pursue certification in Appreciative Inquiry (Case), Servant Leadership (Gonzaga), and Organization Systems Development (Gestalt Institute of Cleveland).  My goal is to work with nonprofit organizations to help them deliver winning outcomes for the community more efficiently and effectively. Someday I hope to help make great things happen as a passionate and dedicated agent for social change. I have been proud to be working most recently as part of the RealNEO team to help develop this visionary entrepreneurial not-for-profit organization.  What a fantastic opportunity - to help advocate and promote regional causes toward  positive social impact and sustainable economic development.  There has also been a great opportunity to network and connect with other civic entrepreneurs and positive change leaders at our RealNEO neoexcellence rountables held weekly at the City Club of Cleveland.  Recent speakers have included Futurist and Gen-X consultant Rebecca Ryan, sustainability director Andrew Waterson, UCI director Chris Ronayne and Cuyahoga County Planning Commisioner Paul Alsenas.  Each has shared their vision for the transformation of our region to a thriving, vibrant region that celebrates arts and culture, maintains concern for the environment, fosters innovation in education, utilizes cutting edge technology and promotes the health of all its people.  In this holistic way we advance as a region down the path of sustainable economic development.  As I continue working as part an amazing team at RealNEO, I look forward with great anticipation to serving as participant in and witness to the tranformation of northeast Ohio. 

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Welcome to the Blogoshpere

Welcome Sudhir to the blogosphere. Look forward to more posts!

regionalism- E.CLE fire department

Hey Sudhir, you and I attended a lot of the same meetings in E. Cleveland, where the focus was trying to acqaint ourselves with the inner workings of that city and the possibilities for offering assistance in our skill areas to  those leaders who were open to such assistance.  Did you see the letter to the editor in today's -12/1/05 PD (

) from an E. Cleveland fire captain who says E. Cle was not invited to join other Eastern suburbs in a discussion about sharing fire and EMT services. If Realneo wants to promote regional causes, this would be a good issue to tackle.

East Cleveland pursuit of Regionalism

I do know East Cleveland pursues collaborations - I've seen several examples first hand. One is with lead eradication... another is with technology.

I suppose we're still in the early stages of regionalism, where some departments and services are coordinating broadly and others are still based on existing perhaps personal relationships. I certainly hope race is not a factor.

East Cleveland Fire


Thanks  so much for posting the letter to the editor from the PD - and I am working with a group of socially aware folks, passionate about positive change, called NEONetImpact - so I will definitely add this to the listing of issues and concerns for this community.  One of the projects we agreed to collectively launch is an effort to create a rich network map for East Cleveland fo all individuals and organizations working on community development there.

 I would love to hear any information you have to this end, and can send you the spreadsheet template once Stephanie Strong has it ready.. i'd love to have your assistance or thoughts on some of this work!  Thanks again for your thoughts and input!