Lake Erie Pollution Observations From a 4 year old - Brown City Dead Lake Vol. 1

Submitted by Zebra Mussel on Sat, 02/24/2007 - 21:49.

I just uploaded the latest in a series of ultra-low-rez pollution centric "shock and awe" videos.   Surf into Buckeye Sustainability Institute's blog, see the aerial photo of Sims Park, and watch the video of the pollution spewing out of an outfall there, a dead fish, and my 4 year old daughters observations.

Terra Prima!

"shock and awe" exactly what NEO needs

Really great to see documentation of such an environmental mess - is the rest of the series available? Imagine how much more public concern and action we would see if an army of people captured and organized on-line videos of all the ecological problems - stream Mittal.

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Euclid citizen responds on to Brown City Dead Lake 1