Synfuels: the next miracle cure for sustainable mobility?

Submitted by Zebra Mussel on Thu, 03/09/2006 - 08:06.

Fantastic new article on the World Business Council for Sustainable Developments website  regarding biofuels  that I wanted to make you aware of.   It is freely available to those with internet access. If you dont have internet access, you dont know, unless you bring trees into the mix.


I keeping hearing about the local biofuel scene, apparently its fairly hot and getting hotter.  Pun intended.   Who can fill us in regarding the latest refinements to local biofuels??   Didn''t NASA GLEN purchase some local biofules?

Phil knows biofuels... Phil?

I'll see if I can get Phil Lane to post on this - he is working on lots of cool stuff with Biofuels. And I just learned AJ Rocco's Zack and Nicole just bought a deisel rabbit and are going to work with Phil to convert it to biodeisel. I'd like them to convert an old deisel for me, and I could see that being a nice little nitch industry for Phil and friends, and East Cleveland.

how about Straight Veggie Oil

just wait till he gets online and debunks the SVO.  I have a friend who drives on SVO all the time... from used cooking oil from eateries.   Biodiesel B-20 is 80/20 blend of diesel/and what ever.       SVO is all veggie, petrol free... of course you need to fire up your motor on diesel or B20 then switch it so the SVO is only for the hard core... not the junior achievers =-)  

why not stick to gas guzzlers so we can just burn up the rest of the gas and force more rapid adoption when the tap runs dry?   If all those euros converted to 4x4 suburban XL's we could really be putting a dent in the worlds oil supply (and parking).  Maybe this strategy would work faster.  


ps - i think PL is a lurker ;-)

I'll draw Phil out

I just left Phil a message and I will make sure he posts. I also plan to have Phil, Zack and Nicole share the story of their VW conversion on realneo.

talking v. writing

    Maybe Phil likes talking better than ask the questions, record the answers and transcribe...

You are exactly right about talking

Phil did say he wants someone to take down hours of spoken knowledge in transcription, so that would be a great project for someone... and I may know the one(s). I'll talk to Zack and Nicole... they're supposed to show up at realneo any day now and post about their car project with Phil, so perhaps they can start transcribing his other work as well. This will get interesting.

DuPont Investing 10% of R&D in Development of Bio-Based Material

O man, not another indicator.   Who saw this coming.  Maybe I can track down the NE Ohio guy with the soy expando insulation foam invention that was in the PD.   Anyhow check it... soon biobased materials will be contaminating our aquifers all around the USA.  

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