realNEO Cuyahoga Council Candidate Question #1: Explain The Cost To Society Of This Pollution Point Source

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Fri, 07/16/2010 - 22:06.

realNEO Cuyahoga Council Candidate Question #1: Explain The Cost To Society Of This Pollution Point Source.

Where is this major air pollution source located, what is the business responsible, what are the economics of the business and its pollution relative to the regional and state economies, what are the costs to society of the pollution caused, at all levels, and how well informed are citizens of all these facts, to protect them from significant physical harm?

If you are elected, what will you do to protect citizens who live, work and play in the neighborhoods surrounding this pollution point source and in Northeast Ohio and the world from genetic mutation, cancer, asthma, dementia and other health consequences known to be related to major sources of pollution, like documented here, from July 16, 2010, between 8 and 9 PM.

Mittal pollution and visibility check Cleveland Ohio July 16, 2010 8PM

Every candidate for Cuyahoga Executive & Council should be intimately familiar with all the major pollution point sources in Northeast Ohio, their relationship to overall air quality in the region and world, their emissions and the status of those emissions with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the public cost and benefit of each pollution source to residents of the region, to the dollar and life.

Please demonstrate to the real NEO community your depth of knowledge and appropriate concern on these matters, and your ability to make the brightest, greenest decisions to protect citizens from environmental harm.

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Advice from Subject Matter Experts


You are the subject matter expert on this specific issue. You have spent many years researching, understand, and knowing fully about these areas while others have focused on various other issues. Your work is indicative of being at the top of our community's list of advisors. I would recommend that you, a citizen activist,  be placed on that team of subject matter experts to both improve our quality of life and to uphold standards that are healthy for our families.

As a candidate, I am not here to pretend to be a GOD and to know "every fact" under the sun. I am here to be a leader and to inspire the best of the best in the people who dedicate themselves to the best interests of our community at large! You are a part of that process and I believe that citizens like you deserve to have a direct voice on the things that we work towards in our new government.

I hope that your wisdom, focus, and information become a useful tool for all the elected persons in the future. Thank you for remaining steadfast and passionate about the things like this that are of high importance to not only you, but also to each and everyon citizen in NEO.

May God Bless! 


Congratulations ANGELnWard14 - I didn't know you are running

Congratulations ANGELnWard14 - I didn't know you are running

realNEO has many experts on environmentalism - some who even speak their minds here - we'll keep you an the right track!

I wish I could vote for you - let me know when you need people to hit the streets, or a campaign video or help with technology! I'm there!

Disrupt IT

Trust me, you CAN Vote to Elect Me, ANGELnWARD14....

I'm on the ballot for September 07, 2010 and you do have the right to uphold democracy and choose my name.....

I thought our citizens at large deserved a reason to vote.... particularly the 76% who DID NOT VOTE at the last election...

Those folks are the majority and their words ring true lately...and they are demanding honest, transparent and accountable leadership... I will do that to the best of my ability.

So, for the folks who have been discouraged by politics in our community, I want to inspire them to vote on September 07, 2010!!! 

Suddenly I'm seeing a reason not to be leaving NEO

Suddenly I'm seeing a reason not to be leaving NEO!


Disrupt IT

What I really know is the future of IT

What I really know is the future of Information Technology - IT - and I'm more than happy to share what I know.

Disrupt IT

Thanks, Norm!

Much appreciated that you'll stick around with me to work through these issues and promote healthy, productive,and amicable resolves to matters in our community! Much to follow! 

Ballot for what, Angel

Are you running for Ward 3 Councilperson against Cimperman???? I do hope so!!!!!!

Elect AngelnWard14 for County Executive!

Just vote at the Primary Election on September 07, 2010.... or go to the Board of Elections before then to cast your absentee ballots starting August 03, 2010... on the Democratic Ballot.

Uphold democracy.... Disrupt the voting trends during primaries.... show the "POLITICIANS AS USUAL" that their targeting the 23% of predictable voters and forgetting about the other 76% of  registered voters and over 300,000 of the non registered voters is unacceptable.  Let them know that you have a voice America! Stand up and rock the vote...rock these folks plumb out of the water with your voices....Make a positive change all of your friends, family, and associates and inspire them to have a true reason to get out and vote... Tell them to ELECT ANGELNWARD14 as the new Cuyahoga County Executive...Tell them to put the people first, instead of the politicians.

Only we the citizens of our community can work to overcome the obstacles, collectively, and with true patriotism. Prayerfully, once that huge percentage of folks that aren't voting recognizes that someone like me really cares about their voices, then they will MAKE TIME and MARK THEIR CALENDARS to vote for change in our community.