Alert--Missing Children

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Missing since 4/5/10 Taylor Rothschiller and Alexis Ipavec.  If you have any information on the whereabouts of these girls--please call 216-316-3820 and 911 immediately.



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Please see post--please forward and alert family of any information.

Great team to investigate failure in Cleveland for Jackson....

Great team to investigate failure in Cleveland for Jackson.... a former Cleveland Police Chief, now Assistant of Public Safety (does this mean she has two pensions), and a former Law Director of Cleveland. Was Cleveland good back then - are the people in charge then the people to investigate now?

How inbred it our leadership of this community, and who takes responsibility for the birth fo all this failure... who are the parents of this psycho culture and economy here.,,?

Assistant Director of Public Safety Bounds was born and raised in the City of Cleveland. She has had a long and distinguished career with the Cleveland Division of Police. Mary was appointed to the Division of Police in 1980 and retired in 2005. During those years she had a wide variety of duties and responsibilities in the Division of Police, including serving as a Sergeant, Lieutenant, Neighborhood Police District Commander, Deputy Chief of Police, and from 2001 to 2002, Chief of Police.

O’Bryan is President/CEO of Cleveland Rape Crisis Center (CRCC). The 24-hour Center has a $1.6 m operating budget and provides comprehensive, free crisis ntervention and prevention services to 15,000 women, children and men each year. O’Bryan holds a master’s degree in nonprofit management from the Mandel Center for Nonprofit Organizations at Case Western Reserve University, and a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Catholic University of America, Washington D.C. O’Bryan joined CRCC in 2001. Prior to serving as CEO, O’Bryan was the agency’s director of resource development (2001-2004), and a volunteer crisis hotline advocate (1996 to present).

Beasley is of counsel in the Vorys Cleveland office where she is a member of the commercial and real estate group. Her practice focuses on real estate, government relations, economic development incentives, and general business law. She also deals with public sector law and residential and commercial real estate transactions, including project financing and development. Beasley served as Law Director for the City of Cleveland, managing a legal team of 83 assistant directors of law, and providing legal counsel to the Mayor, City Council, and all other City officials, committees, and boards. Beasley is a member of the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association.

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The tragedy of the sex trade in NEO

I am guilty of constantly shifting my attention to the latest news flash, too---but please, I am begging the local media to issue an Amber Alert on these girls.  We can't let this continue to happen.

Already over state lines


Local authorities know that these girls are being trafficked.

  They may already be across state lines somewhere holed up in some warehouse to desensitize them from contacting their families.  Please post this information in any truck stop or interstate stop in Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York...Please forward to anyone you know.

Makes me think of Amanda Marie Berry, missing since 2003

Makes me think of Amanda Marie Berry, missing since 2003, from around Lorain and W. 110th... disappeared without a trace...

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Case Handled By:
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
Case Type: Endangered Missing  
DOB: Apr 22, 1986 Sex: Female
Missing Date: Apr 21, 2003 Race: White
Age Now: 23 Height:  5'1" (155 cm)
Missing City: CLEVELAND Weight:  110 lbs (50 kg)
Missing State :  OH Hair Color: Sandy
Missing Country: United States Eye Color: Brown
Case Number: NCMC961171  
Circumstances: Amanda's photo is shown age-progressed to 20 years. She was last seen at approximately 7:45 p.m. on April 21, 2003 wearing a Burger King uniform and a black apron with "Burger King" written on it in yellow letters. Amanda has pierced ears, a pierced left eyebrow, and a scar on her lower abdomen.


Family of girl who went missing on way home from work still searching for answers

Original Post: 07/31/04

 Reported by Monica Robins
 POSTED: Wednesday, October 15, 2003 4:02:39 PM
 UPDATED: Wednesday, October 15, 2003 4:07:06 PM
 CLEVELAND -- The family of a 17-year-old girl missing for seven months is even more desperate to find her after a body was found on Cleveland's east side on Wednesday.

 On April 21, Amanda Berry disappeared during her short walk home from work at the Burger King on West 110th and Lorain. She was still wearing her uniform. It was the day before her birthday.

 Berry's mom, Louwana Miller, only has pictures left of her missing daughter.

 "All I want to know is where is my child," said Miller. "If she's out there, somebody just call me. Let me know if she's alive so I don't have to sit and think that she's laying somewhere like that little kid."

 Yellow ribbons are still tied to the fence and Berry's missing signs are torn and tattered.

 Many businesses have already taken the signs down. Her family hopes that while she's out of sight, she won't be out of mind.

 Dimitri's Family Restaurant replaced missing posters after realizing window washers damaged the others.

 At the Burger King where Berry worked the drive thru, signs still hang on the outside and inside of the building.

 Miller says she's frustrated by the system.

 "Seven months of my lifetime and there is no suspects," said Miller.

 There's been some confusion in Berry's case. Another teenager, Amanda White, had an Amber Alert issued when she disappeared from Cleveland Heights last month. White was found safe and sound a few hours later. But Berry's family says many people confused the girls and thought Berry was home.

 There will be a candlelight vigil next Friday in front of city hall called the Rally for the Return of Amanda Berry.

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Found--at 15--shoplifting and running away

The girls missing in this alert have been found.  It's a happy ending to a story that might have had a tragic ending. 

I know what it is like to be 15 years old and missing.  I ran away.  I angered my father somehow.  It may have involved shop lifting.  My friends were doing it.  We were all doing it.  In any case, I ran away. I couldn't take my father any more, so I ran away from his anger that erupted like clockwork as soon as he arrived home from work.  Slamming doors, knocking over books, piles of books, everywhere, scattered and kicked--just short of hitting me.

So, I ran down to the lake to listen to the waves.  I spent hours sleeping in the leaves of a grapevine hideaway in Rocky River Park.  Then, I waited until dusk, when the park was officially closed down for the night, when men started showing up in the parking lot looking for an anonymous encounter.  

By that time, I realized that I hadn't eaten.  I was hungry.  I was cold.  Night arrives suddenly without warning.  I couldn't see anything. It was a moonless night.  Shaking and scared, I buried myself in the sand.  And, fell asleep.  Cold. I awoke to my father lifting me from my grave.  How did he know where to find me? It didn't matter to me, then.  I wanted to be found and to be carried away. And saved.

I believe my anger issues have been related to lead poisoning

Every time I have done renovations and realized I had gotten high lead exposure, besides the physical symptoms of puking and listlessness, I've had confusion and intense anger leading to violent impulses.

That leads people to self medicate with alcohol and drugs, abuse friends, family and themselves, and go to jail.

Lead was at it's peak in your childhood - if he and you worked, lived and played in high toxicity places pollution was a major factor in all your behavior. I'm glad he had the lucidness to find you, and I am glad you were found by him.

I am certainly glad to hear these children were found and wish them and their families well.

They could probably use some counseling.

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Kids are kids

Kids are always angry... lead or no's called hormones...I don't know these girls personally...but somewhere in the back of their minds, I know they will feel sorry for the pain and anguish they caused their families.  I am just glad that they are okay and safe. 

Most kids today should be lead free

Most kids today should be nearly lead free. Lead was removed from US gasoline and most paint by 1978 - these kids were born around 1995... 20 years later.

The only reasons they should be exposed to lead poisoning is if they lived in poorly maintained lead contaminated homes and neighborhoods, like most of the Cleveland area, or near significant source-point pollution containing lead... or they were exposed to some lead contaminated product, like old furniture or toys or many new things from China or Mexico... there are other causes but these are most common, I believe.

Depending on where they live and were raised, if in Cleveland they may well be lead poisoned - many Cleveland neighborhoods have recorded childhood lead poisoning rates well above 30% still - but that is less certain than a generation ago... it should not be the case at all today.

Kids today are not so unfortunate as kids were when we were growing up, before they outlawed lead in most products in most sane parts of the world.

Children's IQs are higher now as a result. Not all children are so fortunate to be unaffected by lead, however, as you know.

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Kids are much more angry on lead - it is called poisoning

Kids are much more angry on lead - it is called being poisoned... leading to prison.  I suggest you explore this issue more with Roberta Anderson at the lead clinic at MetroHealth... right down the block... if they still have funding... she deals with lead poisoned kids and their families all day every day.

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My father

My father was also a very unstable diabetic as a result of stress he suffered during the Korean War. Prone to insulin lows.  As a consequence, I can see it in a lot of people.  Not LEAD, Norm...sorry, but it's not the only factor affecting human behavior out there.

I'm glad to hear he wasn't impacted by lead poisoning

I'm glad to hear he wasn't impacted by lead poisoning in the 1930s-1970s... that would make him quite unique and fortunate for his generation. Lucky man.

Lead impacted all adults of America of his generation, unless they lived in real isolation of some sort...bubble-boy perhaps.

Lead poisoning has been studied very little in adults - ignore that factor if you like... our society certainly does.

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 I have health have health some point, we need to find a way to cope with those issues.  Lead causes permanent and lasting disability.  It is one of many factors affecting our lives in NEO.  We all deserve blame for the problems.  At some point, though, we need to be able to move beyond blame and to find some measure of quality in our lives. I have an autoimmune disease. It will never go away.  I just have to find a way to live despite the disease.  I am sorry you are in such pain Norm.  You do need to find some light in your life.

No, we need to eradicate lead poisoning

Lead poisinig is not about what diseases other people have or that Mercury also hurts people - that does not change the course of action for lead poisning, which is to eradicate remaining causes. Your diseases are of other causes - perhaps related to toxin exposure - and other people must deal with them. I'm, dealling with lead, and those who try to divert attention away from that.

Over 30% of our children in many neighborhoods of Cleveland are lead poisnoned each year... it is not my problem, IT IS YOUR PROBLEM! It is the problem of all people who care about this community. If you don't care about something impacting 30% percent of children, you have a problem.

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