Alternative Council Redistricting Proposals

Submitted by briancummins on Fri, 03/20/2009 - 00:46.

The map above is one of two alternative proposals to the consultant’s recommendations being provided this morning at 9:30 am in Council’s Committee Room, 2nd Floor of City Hall, 601 Lakeside Avenue.

It is an attempt to demonstrate what ward boundaries could look like if Council followed the Charter Committee Recommendation language (and Ordinance No. 1321-08) to have wards comprised of contiguous and compact territory, and bounded by natural boundaries, or street lines. Note the red lines represent Statistical Planning Area boundaries.

See full posting that includes a 2nd alternative that would minimize the proposed sectioning in three of Old Brooklyn; the boundaries being proposed by the consultants; and, the two Ward maps of the existing Wards 3 and 15 and the represntations of their cuts and divisions at: Brewed Fresh Daily --

Alternative Council Redistricting Proposals

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Tragic Comedy

  No one will be laughing tomorrow, Brian.  Good luck.  I thought about showing up, because I happen to be off, but why bother...this is a crime.  I hope you are able to force some compromise, but I don't see any of your "colleagues" making any attempt to speak out against the redistricting plan. 


And, the Transportation for Liveable Communities Plan is another piece of work...

This process is more broken than for MedCon

I feel like this is the real con in town - I looked at the consultants' map and tried to put names and faces behind each little swiggle and swerve of the new lines... what building are they shifting into whose ward there... oh, Clinic goes there... we'll get to the bottom of this

Thank you for working on this, Brian - I wish I could join you tomorrow - keep us posted on developments...

Disrupt IT

here's one for you...

 Here's a convenient shift that has absolutely NOTHING to do with "natural boundaries" or "street lines" - an area of Ward 14 that gets sucked into Ward 13

notice the area south of Lorain that used to be yellow is now purple and green. The Flat's Oxbow and the entirety of the Market district went purple. And while that kinda makes sense, geographically, i wondered why not leave it at Lorain? Why go down to the tracks? (Not that I appreciate Santiago as my councilperson)

Oh and then I remembered - Ari Maron, MRN enterprises, East 6th Street development just bought the entire commercial strip that runs west and south on that corner (red lines below):




but it would clarify the border between ward 13 and 14. You can see the previous boundary is almost an enclosed circle of Ward 14 in the midst of Ward 13.  

I don't think you understand, Jenita

 Ward 14 used to extend north to Lorain Avenue. Now for some strange reason its been bumped south to the railroad tracks and there's a little square of Ward 13 that sticks out. So no, it doesn't clarify a border at all. It creates a strange border (strange borders are often evidence of gerrymandering - history here - It has a very nice discussion, so maybe you can understand it better).

If you mean that it would then encompass a neighborhood boundary, Ohio City, then why not extend that west to include the rest of South of Lorain, OC, rather than put that square into Matt Zone's district. no. I don't think thats what they were trying to do either. They would also have pulled the Scranton Rd area into Ward 13 (15) as that is part of tremont neighborhood. So, neighborhood boundaries couldn't be the reason.

I wasn't referencing the Market District and Flats Oxbow. It makes sense to pull them into Ward 13(15). The block (OUR block) south of Lorain - why pull that little square up into 13(15)? As you can plainly see, it now sticks out, where if they had left it in Ward 14, it would be contiguous with the original boundary (the original boundaries are the thick dull lines). That makes no sense - unless they want Cimperman to handle the MRN development. But, then, you would know more about that than I would....

No, its just writing on the wall that I need to work on selling my house and getting the hell out of here because I will be losing the neighborhood and city I love. If you haven't noticed, I have a fondness for working class people. The Generation of Entitled Youth tend to get on my nerves.


less I sound like a kvetch -

Please keep in mind that the Councilman of ward 13(15), Joe Cimperman, has done ABSOLUTELY nOTHING for the poor in his ward. TWDC has shamefully thrown all our tax dollars to developers and the wealthy - who certainly need no assistance in making their bank accounts fatter (sound facts/data on this will be coming in the future).

So, yes, I am not happy to hear that my quiet, sweet, simple little neighborhood is being thrown to the money whores. If you want to be a part of that, so-be-it. I find it to be immoral.

See "Gerrymandering"... link-in Kucinich

I just posted some useful information on Gerrymandering that everyone concerned abouy this issue should read - get informed and you will really get furious.

Who knows Kucinich? He should be reading and posting about this here, and yelling in Washington about this... it is more important right now than imprisoning Chaney (I can't believe I just wrote that).

Same goes for Brown and all our other DC representatives - we need change driven by Obama and the new Federal administration here.

Disrupt IT


 I do understand what you are saying, but if you look at the previous ward line, it makes less sense than the new one. Just my opinion, though. 

no. i really don't think you do....

 The change in the previous ward line makes sense with regard to Flats Oxbow and Market district. It makes absolutely no sense with the proposed line that now dips below Lorain to encompass MRN Enterprises into Ward 13 (15). Maybe I'm missing it, Jenita, but you have yet to offer a rational explanation.

I have nothing against MRN Enterprises, though apparently others do (as per their law suits).

I'm perfectly willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

However, I would prefer not to have money whores as my city councilperson(s). Because ultimately, their decisions are not based in morality (though they may have won their very first seat running as the "working man's candidate") nor is it based in what is best for all... I'll let you finish connecting the dots, because frankly --

I don't give a damn and I'm just plain tired of it. Shame on you..

Actually, I do understand . . .

I just don't agree with your leap to conclusion as to the reason for the ward line change. And I think that overall, it is a better Ward 13 line in  Ohio City than the previous one in terms of service delivery, clarity for residents and city government. Would I like to able to change some of it? Sure. Is it perfect? No. Was I expecting it to be? C'mon. 

From your previous comment:

       But, then, you would know more about that than I would....

Please don't make assumptions about what I do and don't know. I don't know anything about MRN in Ohio City, but I do know that the area we are looking at is where 4 wards meet: 12, 13, 14 and 17 and no matter what is changed, some people will be unhappy and others will be happy--whether it stayed the same or was changed.

Shame on you...

Shame on me? Shame on you for your patronizing comments, assumptions about me and your discomfort with my dissenting opinion which I hope is a welcome addition to the discourse on Realneo. 

FYI: I did not vote for the redistricting to happen because I thought it should be after the next census. I do think that the wards need to be based on population and based on respect of neighborhood boundaries.

So the question remains

 So the question remains, why did they bother to change that ward line?

I thought maybe Cimperman had mentioned something to you....?

I'd like for it not to have been to facillitate the gentrification of our neighborhood, as Cimperman always does. He is no working man's friend, trust me.

hmmmmm... where have I heard this before?

 "Asked about Brancatelli's frustrations, Cimperman responded: 'It's an imperfect process that I also have a lot of criticism about.'"

and I'm sorry, but this quote:

"God put the river there for a reason"

has me laughing - it really is funny - I guess God gerrymanders, too! 

No crime there

 There's no crime in helping developers who are using your money, right Debra?!

can you believe

the blatancy?

they sure have turned this voter revolt into their advantage, I'll give them that....

Brian, is this a collaborative map? Then ANYONE BUT EVERYONE!

Brian, Henry Gomez today writes the following: "This is a collaborative map," Dykes said today. "I believe this map by and large will have the support of council because they were the ones who helped draw this map."

Do you agree?

To me, the biggest issue here is the process, poor work by local consultants, researchers and universities, and a pattern of deception from Cleveland City Council and City Hall, on the industry dime... I still can't get over that Fannie Lewis deathbed thing... now I don't trust anyone there.

At this point, my campaign slogan for the next four year, for every election in Ohio, is ANYONE BUT EVERYONE!

Get out with your self-resepct, while you may... resign and go ballistic... take down all the crooks you may - then run for office with a fresh start.

Disrupt IT

Please. Dykes drew the map

Please. Dykes drew the map for those who paid him.

He should be ashamed of himself for slicing up neigborhoods.

The idea that council members helped draw the lines really means that certain council members were able to protect themselves; others weren't and we know who they are.

It is time for people to be fired for fraud

Somebody or many people are committing fraud before our eyes, over this city council redistricting, and this seems to be a pattern surrounding Cleveland City Council.

Who in the federal government is in charge of investigating such matters? This must be reviewed from outside Ohio.

Brain, call for an investigation of your branch and office of government!

Disrupt IT


  What legal recourse do we as residents have to contest this redistricting? 

My gratitude to Paul Schroeder for having the stomach to actually attend the redistricting proposal this morning.

Good Show Brian

Strong work and beautiful speech today, Brian.  Thanks for your follow up afterward - yes, we have much work to do - it has begun!

Board of Revision

  Jim Rokakis installed Merle Gordon for a reason. Jim Rokakis lives in Rocky River. Gus Frangos was the councilman for Ward 13 downtown and handed his ward to Paulenske

Frangos and Rokakis framed the legislation for the county land bank...Rokakis' wife works for Kucinich...Does it start to make sense?

Kucinich won't call this about Marcia Fudge?  This really tests her.  And, personally, I don't care if Republican Steven LaTourette comes in here and sweeps out the so-called Democrats...and their machine.

Don't be so quick to call in the Republicans

The problem here is that the rich Republicans here... call them the Cleveland Foundation... corrupted many Democrats, making them act as Republicans, betraying citizens. The ultimate objective of this strategy is to, of course, destry all Democratic communities - neighborhoods - and replace the residents with Republicans. That will be accomplished when people like you to say "Hell, bring in the damn Republicans"...

All that is the point of how the PD uses the "CRISIS" term... now always being added with "Cuyahoga COUNTY" to anything involving any "CORRUPTION" in Northeast Ohio... this is a form of social programming, designed to demoralize and paralyze citizens to accept any solution, now called CLE+.

Just like George Bush and his Iraq war, local Republicans use "CRISIS" to frighten weak, poor people to doubt themselves, and accept whatever the Crisis State can give them... ITS A FREAKIN CRISIS... CALL RONN RICHARDS!!!!!

The CRISIS was when all the white people left Cleveland and stopped spending their money here, and with the African American economy, creating a heart of poverty in the region - then cowardly Democrats sold out, one after another, and the city became an economic wasteland... just as the rich white Republicans who left Cleveland planned all along.

The few real Democrats in leadership remaining are at the County, which is why the PD is all over all their asses, every day and way, and why they shifted that old Republican toxic CRISIS to CORRUPTION at CUYAHOGA COUNTY... even if it is in every nook and cranny of government and business in the state of Ohio.

Again, I say, we must bring in Obama.

Disrupt IT

Sherrod Brown

  I forgot about Sherrod you think he cares?