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 The Tremont West 14th Street night sky was lit up tonight with  flashing police strobes, flares, fire department, emergency crews, cautionary beacons streaking through the darkness as they all worked  earnestly directing traffic, securing the perimeter, keeping on-lookers at bay and maintaining control on the scene of yet another semi-tractor trailer and it's load lying on the sidewalk in the much dreaded Round-about.

Again, James Mahon was enjoying another evening at home with his family when he saw the red semi come off  176 North Bound, enter the round-about and as the truck began the turn into the circle at what was described as a crawl speed, Mr. Mahon and others stated that the load shifted and when the truck flipped the thunderous vibrations shook the entire neighborhood.

The long box trailer was loaded with 10 - 4,000 lb rolls of aluminum which apparently shifted as the operator began to maneuver his big rig around the arched driveway.

Being first to approach the crash, Johnny Ogle and James Mahon noticed that the snapped light pole lying across the top of the cab was bearing live wires and that the truck was leaking fuel.  The two men wasted no time in smashing out a window and pulling the slightly bruised driver free.

The 25 year truck driving veteran couldn't say enough about the two who didn't hesitate to come to his aid.  Ron Brewster stated, "they helped me get out and brought me some water to drink.  Them is some good ole boys. 

Those Good Ole Boys also stepped up to the plate and assisted in calling for help, making sure that no one got near the hazardous area and directed the flow of traffic around the accident until the professionals arrived.

A number of witnesses and on-lookers were more than a bit dismayed  and curious at the nasty attitude of some of the police officers arriving on the scene.  They  were heard loudly yelling at the two men who were trying to help.  The Policemen were even seen roughly grabbing the two men by the arm and pushing them into the crowd.  Since the officers would not take the time to speak to anyone, some of the witnesses did point out the faces of the uniformed law enforcers who thought that the good samaritians were out of line. 

Mr. Mahon said that the city had workers out earlier in the week painting strips in the circle but his fears are still growing.  The crashes are getting closer to his home and James Mahon fears that one day a gasoline hauler will  flip over spilling it's load and the explosive fuel will get into the underground sewer system running under the homes near the Round-about and they will all be blasted off the hill. 




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circle of death

We tell people that we care about to stay off this circle. That is easy enough. It is not so easy if this is where you live, though. Maybe ODOT should come in with 20 foot concrete barriers and wall off the neighborhood to save it (you know the old destroy the village to save it theory). This round-about is just too small in scale to do the job that round-abouts are supposed to do. What will it take to make the traffic engineers redesign this circle?

what does it take?

"What will it take to make the traffic engineers redesign this circle?"


It look like that may be unfolding, what it takes to resolve that issue, its very real that circle is dangerous, it requires you to make choices and negotiate, what the heck. First time I was on it I ended up on 14th towards the hospital. I made the wrong choice and committed to it for safety reasons, you got it right calling it the circle of death.

Its an obstacle course the way they set it up, It would have taken bridges and underpasses, the circle was a cost saver and somebody got applauded for that and they need to come to terms with that, how it was an error in judgment.

ODOT should see that as qualified for stimulus money, fix it spend some money as change the traffic patterns, before somebody dies.

What is so very fortunate is

What is so very fortunate is that even though this is the 5th semi that has flipped this year alone, the 3rd one since August, there were no other vehicles involved and no one was seriously injured.  This in no way includes the many many accidents, minor fender benders and near misses involving smaller vehicles.

All of the witnesses last night stated that this driver came into the circle at a very slow speed and there was no type of interferences other than the fact that once his load shifted, he did not have any room at all to try and compensate for the shifting of his freight.

For as much as this was clearly nothing more than an accident, the design of this roadway simply is not adequate for the assured safety required to accomodate they type of traffic that goes in and out of this confusing and dangerous thoroughfare.

I believe at this point ODOT and the City of Cleveland Planning Commission should come together and re-design an entire new passage that will make it safer for these trucks and other vehicles.  Something a little more simplistic that makes allowances for the installation of some traffic regulator lights, signs, etc. 



isn't this something a councilman should be

 involved in?

isn't this the kind of thing they are SUPposed to do???

just askin'......

Good Samaritans

  Thanks Jerleen for crediting good neighbors Johnny Ogle and James Mahon for quick thinking and their action, which saved lives. 


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