anthony dial, geriatric worker - city cleveland - came to our home today 11-29-2014 - my official sources say verify than trust

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menacing etc. police report of a senior-me and or my furnace not working and requested help - from different sources -

anthony dial, out reach worker from the city of cleveland dept. of aging - left his card on our door at about 12 noon today 11-29-2014 as he knocked on our door and yelled "mr. black" in and out of our yard

and called on a cellphone and said "theres a bunch of cameras is someone looking" and said "he was going to a neighbors" - as he went to 756 brayton - RYAN HEFFERNAN - that attacked menacing trespass criminal damage etc. me (see links to posts) - cleveland police report no. 14-364444 -

with his buddy and brad and daniel admire part of the the criminal gang at 757 brayton next door that we have stopped their crimes in this area with the help of hero police -

my law enforcement and official sources agree with me that its suspious that no one from the dept.of aging called to make an oppointment and or emailed me if it was about my furnace repair etc, since nov. 26, 2014 - or the-a crime aganist a senior-me - and anthony going to the criminal house that menaced me and speaking to him -

or maybe anthony was investigating the person that menaced me ryan 756 brayton

or anthony could be used by our adversaries via a false complaint to the dept. of aging and anthony is being used to do a false illegal introvention to take control -

our furnace is probably going to be repaired monday via the city of cleveland federal money via a non-profit via a profit contractor -

eternal thanks to joe cimperman and linda litto city council - cory and andy at twdc - community housing solutions - cleveland housing network etc.

i haven't replayed our video audio completlyabout anthony yet -

ryan 756 brayton others menacing trespassing criminal damage hate crime too sophia & guy templeton black home Quest - video

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click for you tube video 1. - others to follow -

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hi tom -comm.stacho -all - john & john police car 209 did my menacing report as they always do a great job - report no.14-364444

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