Antigua is a UNESCO Heritage city, nothing must be changed, McDonalds has no golden arches

Submitted by Oldroser on Tue, 12/24/2013 - 23:38.

No buildings higher than two stories, streets are cobblestones. McDonald's had to conform, and their restaurant here (more expensive than US I guess, close to $5 for a Big Mac, although it sells as a combo with fries and soft drink.

Simple sign outside.


Inside, the standard counter.

Inside, beauty.



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Slice of life

Thanks Anita for sharing this slice of life - I know many Americans are contemplating retirement life abroad - you are making a case for Antigua!

There are a few minor problems, overall it GREAT

I urge everyone to come check it out!

Highly recommended, wish I had time and energy to post more pictures. Great weather, friendly people, fresh food, low cost of living vs. Cleveland, good doctors, no Rx for prescriptions, although I can't get two I need: dexedrine and Armour thyroid, hence my fatigue.