Appreciate the Magic

Submitted by lmcshane on Sat, 11/29/2008 - 20:24.

Cranbrook is a magical place.* For the privileged, it is childhood suspended in time with whimsical design and enchanted sculptural gardens and everywhere flowing water.

I visited Cranbrook this past week and realized that those of us in Cleveland have the same potential magic in the untapped design abilities at the Cleveland Institute of Art and the gardens of Rockefeller Park unrecognized by the "Circle." So, all too often, one of Cleveland's greatest assets is under-appreciated, especially on a beautiful day.

Do we need to recognize the entire Doan Brook watershed, much like the Rouge River Project has made Michiganers more aware of their treasures? Do we need to make the hidden valley more elite and exclusive?
How do we define the magical island of culture that is University Circle and the Cultural Gardens and Doan Brook, as it meanders to Lake Erie.

This past summer, Opera per Tutti staged an al fresco performance. We need more.
Cleveland needs to enjoy the magic we have in our community. The ice rink at University Circle shows some one is trying. Let's all get out there this winter and appreciate the magic.


*Photo credit: ME!  Extra credit to anyone who can explain the mythology :)

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Lest ye lose all faith...

As I mentioned to my good neighbor and public servant Johanna Hamm, yesterday, Cleveland is not a hell  hole.  It's actually a wonderful, wonderful place to live a la It's a Wonderful Life, because, you will have interactions with NICE people, who put a smile on your face, and, may, afterall, be angels in disguise.

Today, is a case-in-point--nice people, the bank (believe it or not), at the post office (the Lincoln West graduate and superb customer service representative),  at the Sausage Shoppe (savvy enough to market via Discover Ohio site), at Discount Drug Mart and at ALDI's. 

The lady in front of me at the post office noted that the Christmas Stamp book features the Cleveland Museum of Art's Botticelli Virgin and Child as noted in today's Plain Dealer. 

So, realize Cleveland, that living in CLEVELAND is the PRIZE.  It is winning the board game of LIFE*.  And if you don't believe me--here is a sign--from one of my favorite ANGELS--Gabriel Leidy:

Gulling was fantastic at E 72nd St, this morning.
Larger species have moved in in numbers and a couple
thousand Bonaparte's were concentrated in close, just
west of the bridge.  Highlights included an adult
along with 12 Lesser Black-backeds of all ages (1st,
2nd, 3rd yr & ad birds were all represented).

HOWEVER, a word of caution: within the Bonaparte's
throng is a PURE WHITE Bonaparte's. 
This bird  will
undoubtedly cause you to freak out, as it did me, but
it is identical size and structure-wise to the other
Bonies, with a black bill.  It is presumably a
leucistic Bonaparte's Gull, a bird lacking dark
pigment in its feathers...and definitely a sight to

Earlier in the morning, Emil Bacik and I had 27
White-winged Crossibills over Gordon Park.

Good birding -
Gabe Leidy



*While for those who play Cleveland like the game of MONOPOLY, it will, sooner or later in life or the afterlife, end up with a trip to JAIL.