Are you AWARE of the MASTER PLAN created by your local leaders???? (City of Cleveland-only has 1 area presented...)

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Interesting to recognize that these MASTER PLANS are now available....wonder how many citizens even have a clue about these plans for their futures??? It might amaze you to read up on plans created as far back as 1992, 1996, 1999...and 2010...they've been doing this for years under an actual "MASTER PLAN" methodology!!! Amazing how they communicate with the actual citizens/stakeholders about these plans...NOT! 


Municipal Documents

City of Bay Village City of Bedford
City of Bedford Heights City of Berea
City of Broadview Heights City of Brooklyn
Village of Brooklyn Heights City of Cleveland
Village of Cuyahoga Heights City of East Cleveland
City of Fairview Park City of Garfield Heights
Village of Glenwillow City of Highland Heights
Village of Newburgh Heights City of North Olmsted
Village of North Randall City of North Royalton
Village of Orange City of Parma
City of Parma Heights City of Seven Hills
Village of Valley View Village of Walton Hills
City of Warrensville Heights  


Other Documents

Brownfields Information and Resource Guidebook (224 KB)
October 1998

Cleveland Water Center Feasibility Study
December 2007

Cellular Tower Model Ordinance (126 KB)
December 1996

County Council Districts
December 2009 New!

CRGS Coordinate System Definition
November 1999

Cuyahoga County Land Development Regulations
October 2007

Cuyahoga County Strategic Plan for Senior Transportation (1.4 MB)
Executive Summary - July 2004

Euclid Creek Watershed Planning Guide
September 2005

A Guide to Elder-Friendly Community Building (274 KB)
June 2004

I-71 MIS Land Use Impact Analysis
April 1998

Linking the Corridor
December 1999

Mill Creek Watershed Initiative
June 2009 New!

North Cuyahoga Valley Corridor Concept Plan
February 1992

Northeast Ohio Regional Retail Analysis
August 2000

Towpath Trail Extension: Alignment and Design Study
October 2002

West Creek Valley Management Plan
September 2001

Whiskey Island Programmatic Concept
October 2003

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Master Plan

3431 Milverton Shaker Heights SMS HOLDINGS....

Plymouth Park Tax Service only requested a value reduction of $91,000 at the BOR (Cuyahoga County Board of Revision) on this formerly county appraised property of almost $120k....follow the deals... then they sold it to SMS HOLDINGS llc with an agent name of ROBERT HALL... for $15,0000... very nice deal... IS THIS LIKE A VACANT LOT NOW??? OF COURSE NOT... It just got new siding....





Cuyahoga County Sheriff siezes Board of Revision records from trash



Cuyahoga County Sheriffs Lt. Rich Peters loads documents seized Friday from the Board of Revision office at the county building after someone discarded them into a trash can. Investigators also confiscated 11 boxes containing more than 33,000 records for state investigators who are probing Auditor Frank Russo and the rigging of property appraisals.


 CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Someone tried to destroy several hundred tax-related records that could be evidence in criminal investigations into the embattled Cuyahoga County boards of revision.

Board officials found the original documents, some of which detailed reductions to home values, in two blue trash cans and called the sheriff.

Investigators seized the discarded records. They also carted out 11 white boxes containing more than 30,000 property-tax-related records after learning that The Plain Dealer had reviewed the records as part of an investigation of the boards of revision.

full story here






Master Plan 2020 with the Happiness Virus hummm???

will it work? When, I accidently "FOUND" the Master Plan 2020 of Cleveland, Ohio...I just wanted to L E A V, I looked WHERE I COULD GO IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA???....NOWHERE....NOWHERE...NOWHERE............. "IT" (the Community Development Corporations are EVERYWHERE....and don't let those corner block-groups or nieghborhood centers" make YOU foolishly believe they are there to help or support you...they are non-profits getting monies from the government, so, they can have a job and rule you and your way of life; they are smiling in your face and quietly decieving you; open your eyes...they can't look you in the eye, when you talk to them;  they are HELPING ONLY THEMSELVES with their own Selfish Greed.  I felt so "LEFT-OUT"... a not important ridiculed...I just want to stand atop the Terminal Tower and tell all the people of Cleveland of this deception....but, then I realized, I hadn't been paying attention and the SMART people already left the, there was no point, to do that.  Now, "they" want to send some people to our homes to share the "HAPPINESS VIRUS" with me...but, I want to know, if they are sending the housing enforcers before or after that?  I was sick last week, but, I read SOMEWHERE, that, for the next three years..there is a AGENDA to target the rest of us...these so called housing enforcers ... who don't need any creditials...are going to march the city of Cleveland streets and write up properties...because, the AGENDA is "TO GET RID OF ALL OF US...BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE...Spring is right around the corner and they don't wear boots...they wear high-heels and carry a clip board...and smile in your face and can't look you DIRECT in the EYE.  Get out your NO TRESPASSING SIGNS..they HAVE NO  RIGHT ON  YOUR  PROPERTY ...CALL  THE  POLICE.  Do not let them ....make you believe.... they have the right to VIOLATE YOUR RIGHT.  NIP IT IN THE BUTT.  NO TRESPASSING.


NO TRESPASSING... BEWARE OF DOGS... and the dogs to back up the claim.

Only way to live in Cleveland.

Disrupt IT

Masters of Disaster...Master Plan players...

Are you a victim of the "MASTERS".....???? 


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Master them for your neighborhood....

Stay aware of the Master Plans in your neighborhoods.... the changes are in progress....


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"