Authorities Fear Cops Being Targeted After at Least 11 Officers Shot in 24 Hours around the country , no coincidence.

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  St. Petersburg Police Chief Chuck Harmon talks on a cell phone as he walks from the scene where a U.S. Marshal and two St. Petersburg police officers were shot while trying to serve an arrest warrant in St. Petersburg, Fla. (AP) Jan. 24: St. Petersburg Police Chief Chuck Harmon talks on a cell phone as he walks from the scene where a U.S. Marshal and two St. Petersburg police officers were shot while trying to serve an arrest warrant in St. Petersburg, Fla. (AP)

Authorities Fear Cops Being Targeted After at Least 11 Officers Shot in 24 Hours

 Published January 25, 2011


Authorities are worried a recent wave of police officer shootings may not be a coincidence.

In just 24 hours, at least 11 cops were shot around the country.

The most recent incident at a fugitive's house in St. Petersburg, Fla., left two officers dead and a U.S. marshal wounded Monday. Hours earlier, an Oregon officer was critically wounded after being shot multiple times during a traffic stop. 

Monday's violence followed a bloody Sunday that left an officer in Indianapolis critically wounded during a traffic stop shooting, four officers in Indianapolis wounded after a gunman opened fire in a precinct and two more officers in Washington wounded in a shootout in a Walmart parking lot.

"It's not a fluke," Richard Roberts, a spokesman for the International Union of Police Associations, told "There's a perception among officers in the field that there’s a war on cops going on."

Florida officers Tom Baitinger and Jeffrey Yaslowitz were killed Monday when agents tried to arrest 39-year-old Hydra Lacy Jr. on an aggravated battery charge. Police believe Lacy opened fire on the agents, also injuring an U.S. marshal.

Lacy, who was found dead at home following an hour-long standoff, had a long and violent criminal record including a sexual battery conviction.

In Oregon, a gunman is still on the loose after shooting officer Steven Dodds, 45, during a traffic stop Monday. Police say the gunman, driving a 1984 Dodge truck, led police on a chase after the shooting and fired several shots at officers but missed, before being stopped by spike strips and escaping on foot into a wooded area. He is described as armed and extremely dangerous.

Indianapolis Police Chief Paul Ciesielski says he believes 60-year-old Thomas Hardy is the man who shot officer David Moore twice in the face and in his chest and leg during a traffic stop Sunday, critically wounding Moore.

The Indiana Department of Correction says Hardy had a criminal history dating back to at least 1984, when he was sentenced to 13 years in prison on a burglary conviction. He was released on parole in 1990, but has been in and out of prison since then on various charges, including seven sentences for theft, one for cocaine possession and one for misdemeanor battery.

Detectives in Port Orchard, Wash., are investigating why a man ran from deputies and then opened fire in a Walmart parking lot Sunday, sparking a shootout that left him and the woman he apparently was with dead and two officers wounded.

The Kitsap County Sheriff's deputies were answering a call about a suspicious person at the store. When they located the man and tried talking to him he ran, then opened fire as the officers followed.

Both men were hit and unable to return gunfire, but a female officer arriving on the scene shot and killed the gunman, sheriff's spokesman Scott Wilson said. Authorities said it wasn't immediately known who shot the woman, who died later at a Tacoma hospital.

And in Detroit, 38-year-old Lamar D. Moore was fatally shot after opening fire at a police station, wounding the precinct commander, two sergeants and an officer the day before a family spokesman said his brother was to be sentenced in a double-homicide case.

"There's nothing in this that makes sense at all," Police Chief Ralph Godbee told reporters during a briefing on the case.

While all the shootings don’t appear to be connected, Roberts says they have one thing in common.

"We don't have any data, but there seems to be a type of criminal out there looking to thwart authority," he told the station.

According to National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, an organization that tracks police casualties, there have already been as many officer deaths in January 2011 as there were in January of last year. The organization reported that officer deaths were up 43 percent in 2010 compared to 2009.



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Poor people with no reason to live

Poor people with no reason to live - real hard to figure that out.

Who do you work for Guy?

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cutting & Pasting copyrighted news may create issues 4 Realneo

 Hello Guy,  I am commenting here to ask that you hold back on the cutting and pasting of copyrighted content to Realneo.  For a few reasons:

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Realneo has a very liberal publishing attitude, but why push for the outer limits?   Thanks for hearing me out. Hope you have not been missing Yogi too much.  Best, Jeffb



It was the responsibility of the board to set those limits

It was the responsibility of the board to set those limits and manage the outcomes. The board failed Guy and Angel.

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For a while, Guy could post a blog but could not post to the home page. For some reason, he can now post to the home page. I enjoyed the respite.

Guy, all the copying and pasting has got to stop. Screaming headlines lifted from fox news and copied here helps no one. Neither does forwarding the weird e-mails and articles that you have received from others.

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In the past, Susan Miller put out some great ideas about how to distinguish between the direct statement (or opinion) and quotes from other sites/people. Sometimes, it was impossible to tell the difference between a posters opinion and what someone may have actually said. However, people did learn, and the quality of posting improved as people did care.

Guy has not learned, and we have been here before. Now, we have the flag waving, capitalizing, self appointed namer of corruption, collusion, and complicity, (drum roll)..... Dianna Hill.  It is clear that realneo is just a way for the delusional to destroy what could be a really good thing. Destroy it and move on to destroy something else.

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Who wants to work on an original post, put the time in it to make it factual and educational, only to share it literally inches away from, tea party pandering, and "FBI investigate this now" postings, along with photos, not once, but twice, of two people, obviously wasted, and one of whom is near nudity, and the other is now deceased. Excuse, but what the ....

Obviously, I care enough to post this, knowing that it will anger a few. So be it.



Who was Oengus? Who was Karen Sullivan?

Without pointing to any specific realNEO members of today or the past, let me point out some percentage of members and posters to realNEO are/were infiltrators from various government and/or corporate organizations, and our growing traffic includes heavy coverage from the government/industrial complex... which is to be expected - and we want to communicate with those people. Citizens must be heard and realNEO is the best place I know for citizens to speak out and know they will be heard at the top.

The problems with realNEO - why Guy or anyone is able to run down the home page and spam it with Fox content - is that our organization has not been allowed to organize and move forward - and I'm certain that has been a major objective of the bad guys in town and worldwide. We could have easily upgraded and enhanced realNEO in many structural and technical ways over the years but that has been obstructed. I've tried multiple times to bring together an effective board and free up our technology for development but have been obstructed.

At this stage, I'll be developing several large portal projects this year that will put in place the next generation realNEO elsewhere for other reasons, and in the process I'll have the team and resources together to take care of realNEO technology issues - if the board can get together we can work through organizational issues... the tech upgrades will take care of most of our concerns.

realNEO is MY content management system and it is YOUR content management system. I have a huge number of important postings here that I intend to retain and develop forever. We obviously will have disputes ahead about what is and who controls that and realNEO and I intend to be involved in determining how all that is resolved, and protecting my intellectual property (and that of others). All my work is moving forward at the global level, and that will move realNEO forward no matter what. I'll make certain of that.

Regarding who is any other member on realNEO, read the following and ask who is that friend of yours sitting at that community meeting tomorrow:

Who was Karen Sullivan? Minnesota activists remember the undercover government agent

Who was Karen Sullivan?

Prosecutors investigating more than a dozen Minnesota anti-war activists recently confirmed that the charges rely on an undercover agent who spent two and a half years infiltrating their organization.

This is how the woman who called herself Karen Sullivan insinuated herself into the lives of local protesters, and how she mysteriously vanished just before FBI agents raided their homes.


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I agree, Norm

you have made numerous attempts to organize RealNEO administration and move it forward. The current administrators have thwarted those attempts by merely ignoring them. I'm not sure how this can happen, because I am unfamiliar with the bylaws of RealNEO (if any).

My impression is that the current administrators have been rude and disrespectful to members in this manner and have failed to fulfill their responsibilities. Just my opinion.

And of course there are infiltrators - when have the conservative freaks in this country ever respected the democratic rights of others? Lets not allow them to have a "chilling effect."

I'm going to the top to wrap this up

I'm going to the top to wrap this up - don't worry about the future of realNEO.

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