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This header is dedicated to David Beach, long time Cleveland environmental advocate, Green City Blue Lake guy,  now hosed (sic) in the mainstream Cleveland Natural History building.
Mr. Beach has been supplying information regarding Mr. Cosgrove’s Driveway, the mis-nomered “Opportunity Corridor” on his blog on GCBL.
The reason I am dedicating this post to Mr. Beach is because recently Mr. Beach has slipped/segwayed/co-opted into calling the new freeway the Opportunity Boulevard.  
That is a Bridge (way) too Far.  "Opportunity" is way too far too. 
Remember your Cambridge Roots Mr. Beach. See what CambridgePort has evolved into today.
Beat The Belt. Beat the Toby “Boulevard”!
The mural behind 727 Memorial Drive in Cambridge, Mass was painted in 1980 by Bernard La Casse. Image August 9, 2009.   This is the description on the Cambridge Arts Council:
 The mural celebrates the triumph of people over
machines by depicting the successful effort of
neighborhood residents to block construction of the
Inner Belt Highway (extension of I-95) through
Cambridge in 1971. The city of Cambridge was the
first to organize against the eight-lane highway
project, which would have displaced the Brookline/Elm
Street neighborhoods and split the city of Cambridge
in half. Brookline, Boston, and Somerville soon joined
in a coalition that defeated the project and ended all
new highway construction in Metropolitan Boston.
You can read more about how the real people in Cambridge, Massachusetts stopped freeways from eating their neighborhoods here and here.
What Mr. Beach should be doing is helping the so called "forgotten triangle" folks raise their voice.  They are loyal Cleveland Citizens.  
Mr. Beach should not be helping justify Toby, the Dirty Dealer,  and the philanthropic establishment boys. .


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