Bill Moyers Journal: Faith and Social Justice

Submitted by Eternity on Sat, 07/04/2009 - 21:38.

Bill Moyers Journal - Bill Moyers speaks with Cornel West, Serene Jones, and Gary Dorrien for a fresh take on what our core ethics and values as a society say about America's politics, policy, and the challenges of balancing capitalism and democracy.  Click here to watch video.

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This was another great show

This was another great show by Moyers.

He does it amazingly every Friday night.

Not only his interviewes and the terrific guests he has but it must be an incredible staff he has.

If only we had something similar locally.

Feagler actually had a very good show Friday night also, less giggling and more informational.

The Public and TV

Bill Moyers represents what journalism should be, as does Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!  But until Hollywood, the press and TV execs get out of bed with the Mossad and CIA, good media will always be far and few between.  

Here in Atlanta, we used to get Tony Browns's Journal on PBS, but that got axed many years ago.  Tony kept it real, which is always a threat to the hidden hands. 

The airwaves are owned by the public, but you wouldn't know it by what we are [allowed to see] shown.  So I'm really looking forward to the day when the TV presents a more accurate representation of it's owners--the public.


Absolutely, Eternity

 Thank you for the heads up - it is a brilliant discussion. I just caught the replay on WVIZ. I'm hopeful after hearing it.

Thanks again!