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Submitted by lmcshane on Fri, 09/12/2008 - 08:20.

I gave up. I am not going to finish the Power Broker by Robert Caro. It's a fat book with small type. The cover and spine are worn and about to give out. I am going to go out and buy it, so that I will stop monopolizing the worn library copy. Yet, the very condition of the book tells me that it has been read and digested. Do we always want our books new and unopened?

I have never regretted buying a book ...

And I have often wished I bought books I took out of the library rather than just borrowing them. Several times I have paid so much in overdue fines for out of print books on Ohio Link that I wanted to kick myself for not buying a copy at Alibris. They are always books I use for my dissertation, ones I should have in my own library.


Until you have to move :) Really--you can keep track of your reading history and let the rest of the world know it by keeping your records (either privately or publicly) at

You also have the option to discover and retrieve a copy from nearest library at Worldcat under the tab LIBRARIES, and learn more about the authors under the tab DETAILS, and submit a review under the tab REVIEW, or tag the book under TAG, or BUY a used or new copy via

(And if Worldcat wants to pay me for their endorsement--they know where to find me :)