boston marathon bombing may have been a false flag - it worked - 87 miles - boston had martial law - our citys-country next?

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The are so many things that point to The New World Order being NAZIS, aka The Fourth Reich

Back in 1933 Prescot Bush, JP Morgan, the Duponts, the Remmingtons hired General Smedley Butler to lead a NAZI COUP, they were going to assassinate FDR, round up all THE JEWS, the unemployed and American dissenter in concentration camps and Exterminate them.

General Smedley Butler turned them all in.

That is what an Investigative journalist says is in recently declassified files in the National Archives and the Library of Congress, he also said he has had them verified by a newspaper from the UK

The hearing was called the McCormack Dickstein commitee in November 1933

All discussed in the following interview with John Buchanan


And there is no doubt that Prescot Bush went on to fund Adolf Hitler after this and right through WW2, that is also in declassified files by ex US Justice Department Investigator John Loftus who spent years studying all the TOP SECRET US files BEFORE they were recently declassified

His job was Hunting Nazi and he said there were two cia’s, one that hunted Nazis that he was in and one that was hiding all the Nazis

London Barrister and Intelligence Adviser Michael Shrimpton said that the SANDY HOOK MASSACRE was done by the GERMAN DVD, they are all the Intelligence from the NAZIS in WW2,…

One of the weirdest things I have seen on the internet (youtube) was an ex FBI Agent
saying that they were training and equipping the Bloods and the Cribs to take Americans guns off them.

He said they would use the gangs as the cannon fodder for house to house gun confiscation and they have been promised the plunder like your house, your car, your jewelry, your wife etc

Much of this was brought in under Bush, as was the “Patriot Act”, the NDAA

Ex FBI tells the New World Order – Plans Elite

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Fascinating, thank you for posting about this general.

 President Eisenhow, also a general, warned us about the US military defense group (I have the title wrong, I believe, sorry.) Too bad we have ignored him.

I hope we have other such generals now.

I hadn't heard of him, and find much to admire.