Representative Dennis Kucinich wants Congress to end the wars

Submitted by ward14resident on Thu, 12/10/2009 - 00:36.

Representative Dennis Kucinich wants Congress to end the war.  Take a look at his proposal.

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Ask him to SAVE our Churches

Please ask him to follow through with his effort to save our community churches, like St. Procops, first...

He's loves grandstanding, but is not so great on follow-up. 

BTW, I do applaud him for reminding Congress that they can end WAR.

Bishop Lennon needs to be

Bishop Lennon needs to be the one we ask to save the Catholic Churches in the inner City of Cleveland.  I am so sad that he has shut the door on so many churches that have stood as anchors and havens and search lights for so many people that live and have lived in the city over so many years and through many difficult times.   I think the Catholic Church will look back on this decision and realize that it was a bad one...but then the damage will already be done.  When a church thinks like a businessman it cannot make decisions that are based on love and caring for the poor.  Maybe our church leaders are following the lead of our political leaders...could the goal be to get rid of the poor?

Kucinich speaks truth to power

While the faux-Populist, quasi-Progressive, War President Obama gives America and the world a continuation of the Bush Presidency, Dennis Kucinich speaks truth to power.

Kucinich railed against "The Bush Doctrine" and organized to get Cheney impeached.  He has called out the lies and deception of Obama's many betrayal--abandoning Single-Payer with not even one consideration of allowing public debate of the subject--on healthcare, and now he's continuing to speak up for the rights of poor people around the world, demanding an end to the trillion-dollar, Empire occupation(s) and genocidal wars against Islam in the Middle East.

Obama's a house slave, he's got nothin'.