Why Does Cleveland Have A History Of Failing Professional Sports Teams, Extending To Today?

Wonder who is behind this hater Facemob...?

Wonder who is behind this hater Facemob...?



This page was created to collaberate effective ways to make sure LeBron will never amount to what he thinks he is.

Facebook is such an amazing window into the worst in the hearts and souls of so many...

I can't wait until it is gone!

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speaks volumes...

"I felt for [Cavs owner] Dan Gilbert watching that show," said Kosar. "I think of all the money that he spent – he tried to win at all cost for the Cavs fans, the town and LeBron. Then to see LeBron was even willing to take less money and help Miami's salary cap – that had to hurt." Kosar admitted being a bit surprised by the harsh tone of Gilbert's letter criticizing James, but he understood it – and appreciated Gilbert's passion. (excerpted from peedee)

 He took less money?? wOw he really wanted to get the fuck out of here, didn't he? Gilbert must be a real dick....

Gilbert is lead owner/goon punishing uppity blacks

I'm guessing most of the pro sports teams owners are real dicks (they are mostly monopoly billionaires from being things like loan sharks) - Gilbert seems to be king dick, on a mission for the other owners, well supported by the media... to bring the players under control...

Storyline - LeBron and some other uppity blacks have chosen a new route for their sport, not dictated by their "owners" - the equivalent of a slave revolt - and there is Gilbert on white horse in robes, with chains and whip...

I'm thinking this isn't the beginning of his dickness in life... especially as he ran a sports gambling operation in college... and I'm thinking people he has been a dick to will turn on him, and he will go bankrupt.

The slaves are free... ain't gettin LeBron back, Gilbert.

I bet he'd come back in five years, if Gilbert is gone.

For fun reading some time, google stuff like Quicken Loans Sucks to get a sense of what it is like to work for Gilbert enterprises in Cleveland... pretty damn funny, in the sickest possible ways.

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I can tell you the black community still loves LeBron

There is a discussion on Shaw High On Line - a private largely black social network for Shaw alumni and supporters of which I am a member - about Gilbert's letter about LeBron and I can tell you there may be a few people sad about LeBron leaving but nearly all are also totally supportive of LeBron, his carrer, and his right to make smart decisions for himself - and I believe all are furious about his treatment by Gilbert.

I suggest not following this issue on largely white networks as the real LeBron action now is not being televised.

I can tell you the black community still loves LeBron, and they are a big, important community by every standard.

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wOw - we think we're mean to gilbert? check this-

"So now people are cheering Dan Gilbert’s manifesto tearing apart James, but no one contributed more to what the world witnessed on Thursday night than the owner’s enabling of James and his inner circle for seven years. Gilbert is the biggest con going, a man who makes his fortune peddling mortgages, and he’ll make his next on casinos in downtown Cleveland. He sells illusions for a living, and now he’s selling the biggest of all: that he’s a victim here, that James betrayed everyone. That’s a lie, and no one ought to dare buy it."  from here

and the writer has a very different perspective on the situation.

this is grEAt! this beats any Hollywood break-up ever! spicy hot brain candy....

It will be a short drama - Gilbert is dead meat

It will be a short drama - Gilbert is dead meat - he ain't shit in LeBron's circles... reread "Trees Grow In Cleveland".. key passages:

LeBron "headlined" The Russell Simmons Super Jam Get Out The Vote Rally, where we learned LeBron has been changed because of Obama. LeBron told the very grass-roots crowd if we want change, we must register to vote, and vote. To make this point perfectly clear, LeBron held up a voter registration form for all to see. More than that, he showed his connection with very important people who want change in America, at very personal levels... all in about two minutes.

LeBron James arriving at Russell Simmons Super Jam Get Out The Vote Rally for Obama, Cleveland Ohio

Like for the Olympics, LeBron entered this global court for change with intensity.

LeBron has clearly learned to focus in on what is important in his life, and brilliantly handles intense responsibilities, in crazy times, with maturity, dignity and class. In person and performance, LeBron presents an engaging and sincere character that is inspiring. All that comes through clearly seeing LeBron off-court, among sports and entertainment celebrities and fellow folk of Northeast Ohio.

LeBron was not at the Russell Simmons Rally to promote the Cavaliers or himself but to help make the world a better place. He wasn't out to have fun, socialize, or show-off. He was direct and to the point.... he had a message to deliver to the people... a message of social responsibility to register and participate in the political process, rather than complain.

LeBron James greeting Russell Simmons at Russell Simmons Super Jam Get Out The Vote Rally for Obama, Cleveland Ohio

Welcomed by Russell Simmons, who USA Today has called one of the “Top 25 Most Influential People of the Past 20 Years,” LeBron's greeting showed they are friends and teammates, and this is not just a local game but a world-championship - a global revolution - and this Revolution Is Not Being Televised. This revolution is happening in the streets of Cleveland, and around the world, inspired by a new generation of creative, free-thinking intellectuals... and LeBron James is among the world leaders.

LeBron James leaving Russell Simmons at Russell Simmons Super Jam Get Out The Vote Rally for Obama, Cleveland Ohio

LeBron seemed more comfortable embracing one of the world's other most powerful men than standing before adoring fans, to whom he was brief and to the point. As reported in the Plain Dealer: "I think all of us want to see a change, and in order for us to see a change we have to get out and vote," he said. "We have to. We can't sit around and say we want a change and don't do anything about it."

Also reported in the PD, LeBron just recently registered to vote, himself... the first time, for this 23 year old.

That is inspirational, and we may all thank Obama for inspiring LeBron to reach this new height.

By the end of this moment in history, LeBron had warmd up considerably, and concluded the Rally saying "Thank you Cleveland. Of course, you all know I love you, of course. I love Ohio, and I ain't going nowhere. I'll be there".

I took that to mean more than just LeBron will remain a Cavalier, or live in the region, but that he will remain one of our inspiring leaders for change, here in NEO and around the world. At 23, with the friends he's made, LeBron is one of this region's best hopes to jumpstart a new eonomy here, off-the-court, as he further explores his philanthropic, activist and entrepreneurial roles in the global economy and greater society.

He's made a great start, speaking out for change at this rally and supporting many movements for change in his good name and with his financial support. From BET.com, LeBron is "actively involved in a wide range of philanthropic endeavors, and established the LeBron James Family Foundation, which sponsors activities and programs to help children and families in need."

So we lose LeBron and get stuck with a dismantled basketball team and casino owned by an online home loan processer from Detroit who is fast becoming the disgrace of the professional sports world.

I'm suddenly a Heat fan, and I don't like basketball.

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home loan predator...

you mean home loan predator, not processor.

I don't have an opinion on his other businesses

I don't have an opinion on his other businesses - I can't imagine he wasn't part of the whole mortgage meltdown... and wouldn't expect to read about that in the PD... but my only interests about Gilbert here are his poor treatment of LeBron and his plans for a casino here. I don't like how he does those businesses.

Oh... and that little sports gambling thing in college... kinda fucked up...

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How much money did Dan Gilbert lose last night?

How much money did Dan Gilbert lose last night? - wonder if that has been posted anywhere yet - the Cav's just dropped in value a huge amount...

That is easy to calculate, and a very interesting question... although the economics of sports ownership is not shared openly with the public, as these are monopoly toys of the most power hungry Americans... not for our consumption.

Hope LeBron wasn't being used as leverage in any Quicken empire building, as that equity has been freed.

Margin Call!

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"Gilbert is forced to sell the franchise at a considerable loss"

Funny - I asked my 70 something lifelong Cav and LeBron fan parents what they thought of LeBron's decision and they were supportive of LeBron. Sorry for Gilbert and local bars that may sell less beer on game days (although I don;t see why), but happy LeBron is moving forward with such power in his career - they ultimately care more about the man than the team.

If you google Gilbert Rant you will find most honest, insightful writers in the world see Gilbert as the loser - and Cleveland as a loser as a result - and the rest of the world still sees LeBron as King, and Clevelanders as ungrateful considering the wealth LeBron brought to Cleveland - I agree.

Now, think about the conclusion of this posting... "When Gilbert is forced to sell the franchise at a considerable loss, he will sell to the highest bidder and that bidder might also choose a warmer winter climate."

In other words, Cavs fans, this writer predicts Gilbert fucked the Cavs situation up so bad CLEVELAND is at risk of losing the TEAM!

I agree:

Dan Gilbert's Lesson On Hypocrisy

By Sean Cotten (Correspondent) on July 09, 2010

A lot of people are celebrating Dan Gilbert for speaking his mind, but I have to disagree... not with the speaking your mind, but with the hypocrisy.

Didn't "Loyalty" Gilbert just trade Zydrunas Ilgauskas, his longest reigning Cavalier, at the trading deadline, fire Mike Brown after winning more games than any coach 2 years in a row and push Danny Ferry out the door? Were they justified moves? Maybe. But the point is that the NBA is a business and LeBron is one of the very few players in the NBA worth more than he is able to be paid. That was clear to Dan Gilbert from his bank statements and increased net worth.

Gilbert is clearly upset because he paid a premium for a franchise 5 years ago BETTING that LeBron was in it for the long haul, however, when he did not sign a max deal 3 years ago, it was clear that he wasn't sure.  LeBron clearly came across as an egomaniac last night when he declared he was "taking his talents to South Beach" (though if all proceeds really go to the Boys & Girls clubs, it was a well-seized opportunity to raise funds).

Regardless, LeBron played out his contract, made a finals and played in 71 playoff games in 5 years carrying an otherwise mediocre roster and earned the owner and the city a lot of money while giving a ton of PR and proceeds to the Akron community. Gilbert crapped out last night and lost about 50% of his franchise value at 9:10PM ET. Clearly, he's bitter.

I'm sorry, but are people really applauding Gilbert for calling LeBron a coward 5 days after kissing his Nikes in the hopes that he would come back, maintain the franchise's value and earn Gilbert more money? Who's "loyal" and "cowardly" there? I can't applaud Gilbert for his hypocrisy. If he didn't like LeBron he should have been a man and said "thanks but no thanks, my franchise will move on without you" or chastised him for "quitting" while he was there.

Now we'll see the reaction of other players. Players are well aware of how much money LeBron has lined Gilbert's pockets with over the last few years. Players also know that until they are "unrestricted" free agents, teams have all the control. Ask Marcin Gortat who wanted to go to Dallas last year, but was held in Orlando by "restricted" free agency.  Or guys who get traded every year and have to either leave their families and friends or move them to a new city on short notice. The owner's childish reaction isn't doing him any favors in the eyes of players and setting him up for failure in his "personal guarantee" to the city of Cleveland.

LeBron just hurt this franchise, but Dan Gilbert’s rant may have cost Cleveland more. No player in his right mind wants to play for an owner that lambasts a guy who has so obviously filled his coffers and carried his franchise for 7 (5 with Gilbert) years and 71 playoff games. When Gilbert is forced to sell the franchise at a considerable loss, he will sell to the highest bidder and that bidder might also choose a warmer winter climate.

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Well there is going to be a

Well there is going to be a mixed reaction to this of course.  I for one, think it stinks!

If you think so too, head over to http://quit-ness.com and get your shirt!