Ward 14 Councilman Joe Santiago continues to have a high opinion of his Ward.

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Green Technology, Joe you support Green Tech?, But you will eventually support the Bodner Zoning Variance just a few short blocks away? Just how many more votes do you want to loose in Ward 14 precinct T?  What kind of campaign will you mount with only $156.00 in your campaign chest?

At several prior BOZA hearing Joe stated other areas are blighted. Joe Santiago believes all of Ward 14 is blighted. When will he stop insulting the people he was elected to represent? November 2009 is coming real soon to a theatre near you!!!

 Santiago said. "It's the right time to redevelop that area. I'm excited about the project because the area has been so blighted and crime-ridden. There are prostitutes and drugs and this (development) will help get rid of that."


Townhouse project rankles some

Thursday, February 12, 2009
By Ken Prendergast kprendergast [at] sunnews [dot] com
West Side Sun News

A plan to build several dozen low-income townhouses in Ohio City is meeting some resistance from neighbors who say the neighborhood already has too much low-income housing.

But Ward 14 Councilman Joe Santiago said he supports the project because it will eliminate neighborhood blight.

NRP Group of Garfield Heights seeks to build 30-40 townhouses for rental or lease-purchase at the southwest corner of Lorain Avenue and West 47th Street. Units may be made available on an "income qualified" basis.

A representative from the developer was scheduled to make a presentation to block club members at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Urban Community School, 4909 Lorain Ave. The meeting was after the West Side Sun's Tuesday news deadline.

Calls to NRP Group representatives were not returned Tuesday.

Santiago said the housing would be built with "green" features, including efficient heating and cooling systems, low-energy lighting and insulated windows to keep utility bills low. Tax-credit funding will depend on the project getting a high ranking from the Ohio Housing Finance Agency.

"I think it is a very positive project," Santiago said. "It's the right time to redevelop that area. I'm excited about the project because the area has been so blighted and crime-ridden. There are prostitutes and drugs and this (development) will help get rid of that."

The townhouse development would level the Sunrise Food Mart, 4757 Lorain Ave., located across West 48th Street from the Urban Community School. It would also demolish adjoining used car businesses -- A-1 Auto Sales, 4717 Lorain as well as Rite Cars Inc., 4725 Lorain.

Santiago said NRP Group is near to reaching agreements to acquire those properties.

While members of several block clubs, including the West 45th, West 47th-52nd and the Bridge-Carroll-Jay block clubs, said they have concerns about the proposed development, they pledged to keep an open mind.

"One-third of the property in Ohio City is already low-income, owned by CMHA (Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority)," said Patricia Zolten, chair of the Bridge-Carroll-Jay Block Club. "I want to hear all of the facts but to me it's a slippery slope."

Zolten said she preferred to see market-rate housing for that block of Lorain, stepped-up police patrols to get rid of the prostitution and drugs, and demolish or renovate what she called substandard public housing in the rest of Ohio City.

"That would be the ideal," she said.

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Lets Hear it for Henry Gomez (Expose the truth)

Read Henry Gomez's City Hall Blog. Good minds think alike let the people in Cleveland know how much these Council members have.


I would even ask you if the PD staff can copy the documents in PDF and link them to your Blog site for the Mayor and all 21 Council members?

I think that would open some Eyes regarding SII's.


...loads of $1,000 contributions

Great quote... "The mayor's finance report shows loads of $1,000 contributions, with much of that money coming from local lawyers, real estate developers and other power-brokers."

REALNEO members do seem to think alike

Disrupt IT

Green Wash Job

Henry...NRP is raking in tax credits all over the city...wonder who will foot the bill for the demo in Ward 14??? Still wondering who foots the bill for NRP's scam on Ward 15. The councilman is not explaining...and more buildings are slated to come down soon. Pictures will be posted here.

Smells like sewage to me.

And Cleveland should care about CSOs, because...

The U.S. EPA is suing the City of Akron for violations of the Clean Water Act. The lawsuit alleges that combined sewer overflows from Akron sewers have been releasing excessive pollution into the Cuyahoga River, Little Cuyahoga River, and the Ohio & Erie Canal since the City was reissued a wastewater permit in 1997. Financial penalties could be as high as $100 million. Akron Department of Public Service officials defend the system.

City Council's Turn (Follow the money)

Poor Joey Santiago just can't get a break. What number did I tell you yesterday. Thanks Henry Gomez, keep shoveling the dirt at City Hall.