It's the TAX BASE, Stupid!

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The Aug. 16 front page story, "Abandoned homes dot the area," may have contained as much hot air as the housing bubble.

The problem is severe. Now we have public and non-government entities dedicated to the problem. A fortune in tax dollars spent. The solution is a knee-jerk reaction of aggressive demolition that will erase vacant homes from view. The cure may be worse than the ailment. Property held in the land bank does not contribute to the tax base. The current vision is as empty as the vacant lots.

The solution must be as big and important as our county. Include a plan that will create value. We have an opportunity to recreate much of our housing stock. Changing Levitt town grids into conservation sub divisions, daylighting creeks, encourage deconstruction over demolition, subsidize buildings with solar, wind, and geothermal utilities. This has to be done on a scale that brings back population lost to quality, interesting locations and value.

Our leadership is missing out on an opportunity to create new opportunity in Cuyahoga County. The current path is to watch our tax base follow the Lightning Demolition excavator into the basement cavity of where your neighbor used to live.

Patrick Delaney,
Euclid City Council, Ward 6

Patrick McLaughlin,
Euclid City Council, Ward 5

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Land BANK is killing US

I could not have said it better than the two HONORABLE councilmen quoted above^^^^^^^^

Of course, Mr. Frank Ford, has to support the legacy of his Thieving Communities boss - the previous county treasurer Jim Rokakis - you know, the guy who let the "Dirty Dozen" get away for years without paying taxes....

Thanks Tom Meyer at WKYC for mining research by Lilly Miller at REALNEO for this story:


And though this data is from 2010 - you can also see how the non-profit industry shields real estate from taxation - one of the Rokakis-Frangos specialities including NOT payng taxes at all:

The information was updated in 2013 by AngelnWard14.


Taxed to DEATH

Why would any young person want to stay in Cleveland, or even the suburbs??  Are they nuts?  And, the Greater Cleveland Partnership keeps asking us for more - with NEOMG propaganda on the schools and the City of Cleveland budget.

It is no surprise that Frank Jackson will soon be asking residents to raise the income tax level.  And, Frank's GCP handlers are fairly confident that their puppet can deliver the vote.  Afterall, he was able to sell the schools plan levy, too.

I really can't take it any more.  Thank you to Chuck Hoven at the Cleveland Plain Press for his real analysis of the school numbers:


Phillip Morris sings praise of fake messiah Rokakis-WRLC at behest of his editors:

My comment which will be deleted:




How convenient - first Treasurer Rokakis and Deputy Treasurer Frangos sell every low hanging fruit tax lien in East Cleveland and then WRLC comes in to swoop up all of those "land bank" properties for the right investors.  Keep protecting these two because Brent Larkin is a special friend of Jim Rokakis. One day, the feds will catch up and PD will look stupid again.




Ohio can't collect taxes to support services -Metroparks borrows

Please read my posts above - Cleveland and Cuyahoga County are living on borrowed time.  Greater Cleveland Partnership (aka Forest City control) encouraged Jackson to raise income tax - but it's a stop gap measure that doesn't address the root decline of a tax base in Cleveland, Cuyahoga County and, now, announced - State of Ohio.  Reduced taxes collected=Reduced services.  Kasich won't increase the state income tax rate on an already struggling populace and a depressed Ohio economy. That would be insanity.


I attended 11/17 Metroparks Board meeting where it was announced that the Park District would ask for temporary advance on their 2016 funds (normally received in 2017). This is not how any local government and non-governmental organization survives. (9:00 in the minutes)