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Submitted by Tim Russo on Mon, 02/02/2009 - 08:10.

My little experience with this "community" has been very telling.  I always knew that whenever someone disagreed with my opinion they'd reflexively go after me personally.  Now, I have proof that it's irrational, because the flame war bloggers here at REALNEO, led by the irrational, do it the first chance they get.  Thanks guys!

All I have to say in response is read my blog, blah blah blah, it's all there, blah blah blah, boring!  Since the only ammo left in their chamber are the rounds in the concealed weapons their leader carries in Lincoln Park every single day, can everyone start acting like adults?  Much appreciated.

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REALNEO more than one person.  You have succeeded in your effort to drive traffic to your site.  Now, please be nice.


i don't need this blog to bump my traffic, in case you haven't noticed.  physician, heal thyself.

In a matter of days, REALNEO goes

It is sad to see a good source of open ideas and dialoge become as hateful and bitter as our community. And Winter is only half-way over... I predict by the end of March everyone in NEO will be eating their young.

If this is the best we can do as a community, send in the Cleveland Foundation troops, bulldoze the fuck out of this palce, bury the people, and make this a forest - this is all undeserving of any good effort on top of all the bad.

Think about the community you want and if you even belong there... all of you. 

Disrupt IT

"flame war bloggers"

i watched the same people  spread their hate and personal attacks at Tremonter, dominating the site and persecuting anyone who did not agree with them, supposedly all in the name of standing up for the rights of others ---very sad. They ultimately forced the site to shut down. I hope and  pray that does not happen here---they do not play well with others---personal righteousnous and tearing down others is more important to them than successfully impacting their community.  For as bad as Tremont supposedly is the area is doing far better than surrounding areas of Slavic Village and Clark Metro. 



Hello JM,

Thanks for your kind words of support for Realneo and for a civil Cleveland.  

Realneo is working / will work through this difficult and somewhat sad time and, I believe, come out better able to serve the entire community.   

There will be scars left here on the Realneo server for sure.    Permanent scars.     Searchable scars.   Searchable by Google and whatever other search engines care to browse.  

Every word we post becomes part of our online Curriculum Vitae.

In the coming years will those searches hurt the attackers?  Will those searches hurt the  attacked?   Or both? Or neither?

I prefer to keep my entries as firmly fixed on ideas and arguments as possible, and keep the personalities anonymous.  From my experience that's the only modus operandi that can make positive change. 








don't paint all REALNEO participants with a broad brush.

here's the thing jenita

if you sit back and let people like this take over your forum with bile, you're the one with the paint brush.  along with everyone else who lets them do it.


Are you suggesting censorship?

Tim, honey...

Tim, honey... I dont want to do a "you started it" ..."no you started it", but the phrase "you can dish it out but you cant take it" dOEs ring in my ears right now....

just let it wash over.

homey don't play dat

what exactly did i "dish out"?  an opinion?

you need to read my blog a bit before you pile on and then tell me to "let it wash over".  homey don't play dat.  

bye - bye

bye - bye


I just posted something similar on Facebook in response to Adam Harvey halting

Why is it that we all have to group-wise resort to this "lowest common denominator?"

I say crap or what I feel because of my first amendment rights... sometimes it's dead on... sometiems its bull... sometimes it generates thought... sometimes it just is... sometimes I piss people off... sometimes I'm just plain stupid... but it's my opinion and I stick to my opinions based on the facts I see and experience... not personally blasting people for the heck/fun/sport of it.

I never, however, refuse to attach my name to what I have to say... even when it means I could have a price to pay for my opinion, stupidity, or momentary lapse of reason.  That's where responsibility plays.  I am proud of what I have to say.. even if no one agrees with it.  Even if it is dumb and way off the mark.  I'm willing to accept I have my moments.  I'm willing to accept that you will have yours..  I am willing to accept that we can all agree to disagree - or sit in our mutually exclusive corners.  I'm still going to learn something from you if we disagree right.

I do, however, expect that when I offer up my words, my Freedom of Speech comes with RESPONSIBILITY.  I've recanted, apologized, and accepted the same and moved on without judgement.  I think in the previous paragraph I've explained my slant on the term RESPONSIBILITY.


Why is it that we have to abuse the internet with our crap hidden in "anonymity."  Which I'll be the first to tell you.. in today's day and age... you think you are anonymous... but there are a whole host of hackers and administrators, and flat out grammar queens and bored teenagers who can call you out in a second. And because they don't?  You have only their principle over matter to thank... or their general boredom in the lack of challenge in the game.

So, when you keep changing your userid to "get one up up" or hide your mean, nasty or down right vicious comments behind some "they won't get it's me" userid

remember this...

someone out there knows exactly who you are and where your comments originate...

That's the beauty of today's internet.  Or, it's demise...

So, do you want to keep playing mean?  Or use the tool to better our society and raise the level to a higher bar???

...They/We know who you are...

Let's get on a better bandwagon and work together.  If we are bantering here... we are on the same team... anyway you look at it...


tthmmmmph...? I'm not sure

I'm not sure how you could read this particular conflict and come up with the notion that anon posting could be the demise of the internet...? Every post that I have put down has been respectful and not manipulative other than that I knew what these folks were up to and I tried to warn/ward them off their abusive attempt to walk all over whatever they convince themselves is needing to get trampled. This group has done this before and it actually took them a bit to get going here on this site.

I have specifically stated that I am requesting that my name not be revealed because the TREMONT GANG OF FOUR bullies that are going full tilt with this flame war seem to want people to know of and be respectful of their bullying ways...I think in a sick way... they are loving it.

I am a real individual that is out and around Tremont frequently. Many people know me and I have used this nick for years. That folks might be searching for someone to turn me in is funny and pathetic. What would you do then once you figure out who I am... rip me to shreds?

Ironically there has been actual threats and assualt that has occured directly from this. People have shown that they have a very meanspirited neighborhood stride and that they are proud of it. That is something that I'll fight tooth and nail because I don't want any part of it in my life. What is missing is that you are not appalled by it. Would you wanna get hurt over any of this? Why out of all this crappy conflict is there so much abuse, threats and assualt and no one is much concerned, but you want to get my name (real bad). Once you get my name Des and you know I'm real, will you stand with me against this or will you help them?

The Tremont Gang of Four is Jerleen Justus, Debra Sheppard, Henry Senyack, and Guy Black. They are proud of what they are doing and want you to know their names and everyone should become aware of what are up to. Anybody else want to join up?
This link has been posted before but it gives a very clear picture of their bullying ways... I get a very distinct contempt and meanspirited bullying pathology from these posts as well as a clear outright threat. How do you read it Desiree? Ironically they blame somebody other than themselves for why the Tremonter is no more.

Now Desiree can you appreciate the fact that these folks are posting in a way that people sensibly choose not to want to have their name associated with their rudeness and bullying ways. You went to great extent to discuss your feelings in your above post. But you left out what you would do if you were so harrased... I'm asking you what you would do if such venom was coming at you? please tell.

Des is a person with wisdom

Des, you really hit the ball out of the park. I think your BBS hearing is in the morning? I wanted to come but have a conflict with a appointment for my Mother.

But I spoke with Chuck Hoven, he will try to get their by 9:30. I hope things work out well, I think they will.

Please take the time to let us know how they handle this.


Brewed Fresh Daily Part II ?

I have a blog. It's for me to rant all i want about who i want.

When I guest blog here on Real Neo, my joblog or elsewhere, I tend (try? ) to mind my manners out of respect for the community that provides me with an opportunity to post some art events in NEO. Out of respect for Norm and his site, my presence here is not to create more negativity in Cleveland ( oh because I CAN ) but to create a more positive awareness of what's left. I posted with the intent to do good, not to tear down. I enjoy healthy political/professional criticism of Norm and Roldo, but the personal attacks are slambook stupid  To find others using this site to advance their own personal ragealcohalic insanity, will just convince me to cease posting until the weirdness works itself out.

Or just IGNORE

  The choice we all have, especially when dealing with some one who will not identify themselves by name. Globawl, instead of focusing on the gang of four you name here, why not post counter information detailing the constructive service you receive in Tremont. Post photos.

We know TWDC does many good things--it's hands down the best CDC in town, when it comes to marketing the neighborhood. This is a very real achievement and I wish I could see the same level of marketing from my own CDC. Go ahead. Tell us good things. Praise the people who get stuff done. I am not feeling it here in my neck of the woods, but if you want to defend and give credit where credit is due, it can only help all of us.
(BTW, I am home at lunch enjoying a grilled cheese and apple sandwich--more than you wanted to know).

Sometimes you gotta run over it rather than just run it down

I would like the neighborhood to request TWDC to make a public statement regarding the situation around Frank's House. It needs to be asked for in a climate of civility very directly to the Board who would hopefully get it printed in a neutral forum and then discussed and treated with respect. I say neutral but that's difficult...the Plain Press should be the place but that's not neutral. That house is gone and now what happens next? Are there others in the neighborhood facing the same aspect. People need to know. If it comes to the point that it can be agreed that a terrible mistake was made then the climate regarding the conflict has to be good enough that the infringing party can step up and work on correcting the situation. This is separate from legal wrongdoing. The legal battle is for Frank and the uphill battle he needs to take on in finding the legal resources to defend himself and seek damages might need a community bump but then it's his private affair. All those sensitive details that people might be bantering about should become private matter (Frank's and his legal representatives), provided that Frank has the ability to acquire good legal help. Once that starts it would be nice if much of this nasty stuff and all its rumors stayed a private matter until somehow settled. If Frank is able to get a judgement and it is against TWDC then Frank literally need a strong TWDC in good fiscal order with a Board willing to deal with the issue of whether or not to pay the judgement. Typically they go bust or push it into appeal, that is their legal right but it involves brutal politics. It would be nice if TWDC was strong enough as a neighborhood entity to not need to go that route.

The neighborhood however, has to deal with a different aspect of what was done and I do think they are quite separate things. I do have an idea for a community project around this, but I haven't been able to approach Frank on it. If he is receptive and agrees then I will submit it here for others to think about as to whether they might be getting involved.

I can't see anything in this post that should be a flame war issue. I think the flame war should continue however cause the back of the GANG OF FOUR malcontents is gonna need to get broken, otherwise they will just continue bullying and causing people trouble.


MMMM!  Grilled cheese and apple sandwich... that sounds like something that should be on my meal plans from here on out...!!!

As for Glowbawl's comments, in no particular order:

> I'm not advocating anyone jeopardize their safety.  If you feel threatened, online or in person, take appropriate action with the authorities.

>  I'm also not calling out any specific person - yourself included.  I was generally stating that more often than not folks who have anonymous opinion posts go farther than they would in person - or if their name were attached to the opinion.  I also was speaking genrally about sites - check out the Fox 8 posts... AWFUL!!  I've watched this online trend grow exponentially over the past 10+ years.  It's humanity I'm speaking of...

> I am appallad by some of the things I read on the circles I travel in/on the internet, hence my post.  I'm also appalled that these posts can drive people away or cripple/end a resource.  These forums are great for our voices and collaboration and debate.  But, I've watched many fizzle/die over the years from overwhelming negativity or flat out brawling..  again... humanity.

> I do understand the need or practicality of anonymouse userids.  I have one that is non-gender specific for posting for sale items on line.  I was stalked once by a local ebay-er back in the day because I used my, obviously female, userid. 

> However, I prefer to put my name next to what I say.  Not only does it lend credibility, if we meet outside the virtual world, you know who I am and we can talk or constructively argue more about it and include facial expressions, gestures, and inflections you don't get online, which may enhance communication.  There is also a lot of sarcasm that gets passed around and unless you know the person in real life, you not only miss the sarcasm - - it can be taken the wrong way.

> In the years I've been in Tremont, I've seen lots of stuff, but I have not heard of or witnessed any of the four people you mention physically hurting anyone.

> And yes, I have been persecuted for my opinions by those who don't share the same ground rules as me.   I've lost property, been stalked, robbed, assaulted, brandished with a weapon, intimidated.. and the two best.. had a 30 yard dumpsters worth of trash dumped in my drive and was assaulted with a hammer - all because I disagreed with two people.   And that just covers the last four years. 

but what about these folks...

ok Des thanks for your comment, you are appalled and concerned by frightening stuff on the internet...I accept that and nod my head in agreement. But what about this stuff right here? You have intermittedly posted with what I have taken to be lukewarm support for these folks in the GANG OF FOUR. So I assume you've read everything thru. You've said you know these people, so I assume you can ask them about what they think they are doing. But I can't recall you posting anything that rebukes their actions in the manner that matches the overall scarry concerns in your post above. You've used these examples as leverage my actions, ok fine I don't think they relate. Now I am using your own statements as consideration to have against the GANG OF FOUR actions. I think your concerns would be much better if you reflected them on the actions of the GANG OF FOUR than on anything I've done or the positions I have taken.

You ask me if I have gone to the authorities I can state that I have, Guy can confirm this. Literally the police officers on the scene told Guy that he'd better get out of his sight or he'd throw his butt in jail. What did Guy do? The next night he was right out there, doing the same thing. My assumption is that the next time me and Guy cross paths he's gonna go right back at me. He's literally delusional in his anger towards me and the fact that the cop spelled it out for him in a manner that he should be able to understand doesn't mean anything to him. It's funny listening to your words of support...."I have not heard of or witnessed any of the four people you mention physically hurting anyone." I'm even betting you have heard about some of this stuff and have done nothing.

Further there's obviously going to be a court situation with debra, given that there are witnesses and the way the police report is summarized, I would think she's gonna have quite a struggle to get around that. It reads as an assault, who knows it might have a stiff sentance. I would think she would still be even pressing ahead with any of this, instead she still persists. Her behavior isn't much different than Guy's. I must use a quote of her's that at the time she used it on the Tremonter, I didn't understand, but I think I do now..."Negative is as negative does"

So that's half the gang of four right there...does this need go any further? To me this is all pretty serious on the internet and right in the neighborhood. Yet within your concerns it didn't get mentioned. You say you never heard of any of it. You certainly don't put forth an attitude that it should stop. Instead you put down paragraphs about how we should reform the internet so it can be a better place. Gimme a friggin break. If you want I can start refering to this as a GANG OF FIVE.

You state you have been a victim of quite a few criminal acts, I'm sorry and hope you don't suffer further setbacks. But I go back to the implication that if you are going to underscore your own woes in the neighborhood, what do you say about this particular scenario that's in process both here on the internet and right in Tremont? And you've been involved directly with it.

Within my flame war posts participation, I have been focused on one thing...this being real neo, then just how Real is this? I think it is becoming more and more a neighborhood scam.


my point.

turning, twisting, manipulating

dive into personal attack

but you are entitled to your opinion.


Frankly, Glowbawl, I'm a little tired of this name calling....

Frankly, Glowbawl, I'm a little tired of this name calling.... You have characterized my posts (as part of your “Gang of Four”) as: 
"a very distinct and meanspirited (sic) bullying pathology"
"bullying and blatant dragging of people's names thru the mud"

Yet I think I purposefully try not to do any of those things. So, I went back and found the seemingly "meanest" quotes of all my posts on RealNEO (you claim our meaness has transferred here). Please tell me which parts fit your above descriptions? I'm confused. Here are my various comments:
"its also a crime when you hide income generated by your business (City Buddha), isnt it Larry?"

"But for Mr. Cook to frame it as though it was a TWDC initiative is simply dishonest. When someone is dishonest, you naturally tend to not believe them."

"now who's getting nasty??? and making personal attacks???" 

"where's glowbawl for your spankings....?"

"I'd like to add that TWDC and its board has a habit of not answering questions with straight answers. They also run around issues that seemingly run counter to their positions. Their lack of resident assistance programs is a good example; their failure to elicit or accept monitors after years of raised question about their voting procedures is another - and there are more. Once or twice, ok - but after awhile people just get frustrated and no longer want to give them the benefit of the doubt."

"Tremont West Development Corporation has announced they have secured representatives of the Cleveland State University Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affiars to monitor the election Thursday night." 

"This is great news - congratulations you guys for pushing for this to happen!"

"Its pretty well documented that the decade long harassment and final demolition was an act of the politcal elite of this town with our councilperson, Joe Cimperman, as their soldier boy. It may be a tough time finding anyone to risk professional suicide and take up the torch. However, if the suits being filed against TWDC et al are any indication there may be something bigger than just Frank."

"just FYI - neither a true pagan nor true artist would ever destroy - it would be antithetical to our beliefs. Cimperman on the other hand is quite obviously neither a pagan nor an artist..."

"no mention is made of the personal gain many have made with the funding of our tax dollars and at the expense of needy neighbors, for whom the money is intended." 

"so we have all these bright cheeked boys and girls with their little diplomas and presumed knowledge, eager to get hired by a CDC so they can work to "power to the people". no one bothers to scratch the surface and see what is really happening - they dont want to know."

"and now you have a level of actual dishonesty the heads of these units are using to cover their tracks when pissed off residents are starting to make some headway in proving their point that the CDCs are rotten to the core"

So thats it, glowbawl. Where do you get yOUr accusations. Something tells me you have a fondness for accusations. I'm tired of having MY name dragged through the mud.

dbra: sorry you are so

dbra: sorry you are so tired...wouldn't want you to squeek out of this so easy tho, not after all the effort you've put into it...

you've got quite a list but it should be a bit longer... that's not very reporter-ly of you to have missed a few quips, like this one---it's a fav:

Sun, 2008-12-21 18:55 — dbra
just tryin' to crush your

just tryin' to crush your capitalist dreams at their frickin' roots, sweet pie...
oh that and show Ms. Tremont"Lady" exACtly where her tax dollars she keeps whining about are rEAlly going -to the likes of you and your "family"...
...sorry, mine aren't on the dole....

dbra, I think that qualifies as an aggressive attack/harassment, don't you? Yer being pretty rough...don't you agree?

or this one:
Submitted by dbra on January 25, 2009 - 9:59am.

i'm sorry, who are you exactly? we havent really met. it seems you dont really post any subject matter, only corrections of *etiquette*
i think we were all just ribbing each other a little. i'm sure if we ran into each other at a pub, we'd buy each other a drink... no?

Here you twisted the context such that you appear innocent. To me this said "I don't know who you are, but I'm trying to find out who you are and when I find you I'll...". Yes very trickyaffair especially when you are working hand in hand in coordination with your fellow flammers. So no I don't think you are innocent.

But yes, I do think that the way in which you handle yourself is pathological. Example... you are part of a bullying scourge over here at this end of the neighborhood harassing and plotting against others and then over there at that end of the neighborhood you act as a local journalistic wonder. The two don't go together at all, yet you've put up psychological blinders so that all is ok and you are a good community person able to take on the issues of others in a single bound, like "Superman" (Guy has this same "Superman" complex/delusion also). And then there's your unwaivering support for Guy, and not being able to come up with something being wrong there. You can come with all the angles in your reporter role then what?... you fall into a delusional haze during your off hours? Perhaps like sleepwalking maybe, No you deceive yourself on your wonders.

oh loves lost....

Somehow I knew you would dig up that little treasure -for which I have apologized, ad naseum.  As apology obviously is not enough for you, maybe a small bit of history behind it. The object of the comment was my ardent and persistent suitor six months after the death of my son. I should have known better, I was 15 years older, but among his charming pleas was his claim to be "fiercely monogamous". Bad move, I know, and I got what I deserved when he started seeing someone behind my back and broke things off. So whatever - right? Oh no, this galant gentleman bad mouthed me to our circle of friends. I guess this was his way of handling the situation. It really wasnt a good time for me, I disappeared and went and found other things to do. Apparently he thought it was all just a passing kid thing, because he showed up at an art show I curated not long ago, bright and smiling and I think he actually thought I would be happy to see him. There were friends of mine that were extremely supportive and helpful during my grief and there were friends who sorta didnt do much of anything, but I really cant think of any that were quite as cruel as he. So, no I'm never happy to see him.

My post was not well thought out and it was motivated by the growing attitudes I witnessed during our last few months together - mocking, racist, mean. The infidelity was a blessing really. But underlying all of this was this desperate need to have wealth. Wealth was his end all and be all. So, no it was a stupid comment to make, but honestly I dont think I've any more spots on my hands that havent had nails hammered into them over this. And I do find it interesting that despite the comment's alleged offensiveness it remains frozen on (makes my martyrdom pale in conparison).

::::: To me this said "I don't know who you are, but I'm trying to find out who you are and when I find you I'll...".:::::

They call this paranoia, glowbawl.  

I think your posts speak volumes. I'm sorry for you.

Debra, I just wanted to let

Debra, I just wanted to let you know ahead of time, things are going to step up a notch.  I just got word that Mr. Cintron might be attending the Board meeting tomorrow night.  Wonder where that fits on their agenda?

Glowbawl seems to have a case of the was-wells.  He was well, now he's not.  There's no cure for that ailment - it just has to wear off.  I was thinking that we could speed up his recovery time by inviting him to join our gang since I do believe that is why he is yanking at our shirt sleeves.  So let's play nice now, somebody put him out of his misery and invite him over to our side.  I do believe we have some extra cookies.  Never know he might be an assyet  

BULLY : A person who hurts,

BULLY : A person who hurts, frightens, threatens or tyrannizes over those who are smaller or weaker.

ACTIVIST:  Individual who favors, incites or demands intensified activities.

TERMINATOR: One who or that which terminates.

I have never once physically threatened anyone and all those that really know me know that I'm a lover not a fighter but I am truly passionate about what I believe in and I believe in fighting for those in this neighborhood who are being bullied by the system.  If that means I have to yell a little, disagree, defy and/or put up some resistance, so be it. 

If one voice stands up, then a second, a third, a fouth, a fifth and so on, before long, we have enough to fight the system and that my friend is how wars are won.  Believe me, our line is getting longer.

By the way Des, how did your hearing go today?  Did you get a satisfactory outcome?  Don't forget, I still have a file and am still researching data for you case on a different level.  I'm checking into how many search warrants Judge Pianka signed last year and comparing how many were for properties in this area to how many were for properties in other areas.  I also have a lady who lives in the Stockyard area who contacted me with a similar situation so I'm going to be compiling  info for a story for the Plain Press that will come out in a couple of months. 

Right now we have to find a way to get to the funders of these organizations.  Cleveland Foundation, NPI and the Gund Foundation are the main money channels into the communities - where there's a money stream you'll find greed and that's the root of the problem.