Brooklyn Centre

Submitted by lmcshane on Mon, 09/01/2008 - 21:12.
Brooklyn Centre

My town

  Just a happier note to the images found in my small town:

Glory Days

  Here's a photo of our stalwart patron Mr. Seward. He gave me permission to post here. I hope to elaborate with a bit of his colorful life story soon.

Mr. Seward is a fixture in the small town neighborhood of Brooklyn
  You can see him most mornings and, if it is raining, he carries
a big yellow duckie umbrella.  He stands over six feet tall and is an imposing man who still retains his football physique. 

Born in Tennessee 77 years ago, Mr. Seward arrived in Cleveland to join his brother who is an artist of some note.  Mr. Seward served in the Navy, as he likes to say, in the Pacific theater.  He has lived in Brooklyn Centre for 15 years. 

Today, he brought in this photo.  A reminder of his glory days....