Brooklyn Centre down

Submitted by lmcshane on Fri, 10/03/2008 - 02:49.

Alas, we had a website and now it is gone. More hocus-pocus and bogus politics in Brooklyn Centre.

Seems you have a better website anyways

Save Our Land seems to do the best job of covering issues in your area... make it a social network like realneo... or just keep important discussions on realneo... as long as you are open, free and communicate (which I'm sure didn't describe your old website). 

Disrupt IT

Sunshine laws

Tim and Gloria are the Sunshine Team for Brooklyn Centre and responsible for Save our Land. Tim and Gloria may not like what you have to say and I may not always agree with what they have to say, but they never pretend that you haven't said it ---and they certainly defend your right to say ANYTHING.


Unfortunately, we have other residents, younger residents, who feel that it is necessary to play dumb when it comes to web technology and open communication. It's a shameful, slippery slope that most Americans would recognize as censorship.

Sunshine Team is brighter

Always enjoy anything Tim and Gloria Ferris - good listeners, as well.

Disrupt IT

Mother Courage

Mother Courage has asked me to apologize for my allusions to the mayhem and madness we find ourselves living with in lovely Brooklyn Centre, but as she well knows, I am not a "do as you are told person."

If information has not been intentionally withheld in Brooklyn Centre and I am such a mean meanie, then, please prove me wrong--send me an email...answering the following questions, and I will post them.

Now, I am not asking the "young things" to answer the questions (which by the way, I would consider it a compliment to be called a young thing, doesn't happen to me any more. Besides, I have, on more than one occasion, applauded them for their truly GREEN energy and their contributions to the neighborhood).

No, I am asking the man behind the curtain, our council rep to answer a few obvious questions:

1.) Who approached you on the NRP/Denison project and why did it become a priority for your office?

2.) What is scheduled to happen to the aforementioned doomed properties on Denison Ave. abutting W.C. Reed field?

3.) Please provide evidence that someone has/will pay off the demolition lien on 2000 Denison Ave.

I have many more questions, regarding all the "shadow" projects, we live with in this neighborhood, but let's start with three simple questions and tell me why I am wrong for asking questions?






a Brecht allusion?

Goodness, Laura, I haven't thought of Mother Courage for 40+ years. Now, I'm going to have to go up into the attic, pull the copy, and refresh my memory.

Have you ever thought it was merely the "thing" part of it that got people going?

Best wishes from your friend,

Old Thing.


We're all just things :)  The descriptors come later. Remember Dr. Seuss? Thing 1 and Thing 2.