NOTES: 01.18.05 REALNEO@REI Planning Meeting

Submitted by Ted Takacs on Thu, 01/20/2005 - 13:23.


A. Drafting of Legal

1. Bill Vasu has JD from
Marshall in Intellectual Property and he would be willing to help with framing
of legal agreements, etc.

2. Harry Weller – Peter Holmes’s friend,
introduced himself.

B. Ed

Ed said there is an Arts and
Technology group at the Marshall Law
that would be appropriate to
contact in regard to the opportunity offered by REALNEO to law students for
setting up an internet virtual community.

Ed agreed to contact the dean
to introduce Norm and REALNEO to him.


1. Provides profile for
you as a trusted resource to other web sites.

2. Plaxo keeps Outlook
profile on servers and represents Apple/Microsoft model of being the only IT
solution that you will ever use.

3. REALNEO Sxip is the
other side of left and compatible with Open Source.

D. Open Source

1. Gaining acceptance in
entire countries

2. Venezuela
has set up University to train students in Open Source.

3. Nearly 100,000 Open
Source projects.

4. Environment offering
potential revenue to Entrepreneurs.

a) Red Hat

b) Novell – Linux

5. Cleveland
does not have the option to ignore this trend


6. Schools will start
replacing their systems with non-Microsoft OS Linux.


7. Medical
Information System data system developed with government funding. This company
is positioned to be multi-million dollar company


8. We are about
taking Open Source software and forming virtual communities.

a) Existing virtual
communities are placeless, directionless places lacking purpose

b) In NEO have 3M
people on the internet. They all want to take part in the local economy, and
have shared purpose of place.

c) Missing community
to allow them to do this effectively.

d) Can safely put
resume, photos, business plans there.

e) Can look for
resume with key words.

f) Want to start a
business or be a VC, be there

g) Content
Management side of business, along with Identity Management.

h) Value around
people’s content

9. Think of Napster

a) One day people buy
music at record store

b) Next day download

c) This trend cannot be

10. Taking all

a) Focusing on a
region, taking available tools to serve needs of area.

b) Brain power,
education, quality connected place all part of Ed’s model which is atomic model
strung together with dialogue.

E. Articulate
REALNEO for Funding World

1. To-date, REALNEO
has been hosted for free by experts.

2. Developed by
college student in Open Source community.

3. Community of
people such as people who want to get Dean elected as president.

4. Civic minded
people building models.

5. Unforked development,
where just build via hooks into package and everyone in group has access to
this ability.

6. Source Forge is
central registry of Open Source software development.

7. Job of users is
to determine which tools are most effective.

8. REALNEO is content
manager who can decide

a) Publish REI notes
and provide feedback

b) REI will drive
change and create an economic outcome

c) Set up follow-on
collaboration with virtual team taking content around activity in central place
where it can be user.

F. Next steps to
take early plant of resources and seed in TOPSOIL

1. Technology
Optimization Platform

a) Think-Tank of
applications in entire world that will benefit NEO region.

b) Open Source
project, Open Media is Open Source management system.

c) Make telephone
calls in the community.

d) Video
Conferencing and white boarding.

e) Separate entity
developing optimal technologies to revolutionize NEO.

f) Reality in NEO is
people do not understand how these technologies work.

2. More college
students such as Dries will start developing in NEO and will bring capital and
opportunities to region.

a) CIA is not
training CSS to their people. They need to go elsewhere to learn what they need
to know.

b) No one here knows
the stuff that people in business need.

c) We are addressing
these issues by addressing them internally.

d) You need to know
how to be part of the virtual community to become part of the new economy.

G. Norm learned
about CIA Senior Show via post care at Arabica

1. CIA does not
leverage internet to broadcast events and provide students with advertising.

2. CIA does not
provide students with the tools they will need to know to thrive in the
contemporary marketplace.

3. CIA students
involved in TIME do not know CSS, so lacking in understanding of basic technology.

4. 8 CIA Students
developed ideas for new art school, but CIA has done nothing to promote this.

a) Creating
NEOCIRCLE to redefine UC.

b) Kernel for

c) Real world
dissatisfied with leadership of NEO.

H. Peter B. Lewis
complained about NEO leaders not collaborating.

1. Have Dear Peter
coil on REALNEO to provide venue for big ideas.

2. CIA needs
to start similar initiatives.

3. We are part of
the re-education process, training stuff that is working elsewhere being
brought here.

4. UH did nothing to
leverage medical information system; they outsourced, not seeing IT as crucial
to medical industry strategy.

5. Connect people
and ideas and money to bring people here and nurture them and offering ability
to collaborate.

6. Giving people what
they need to be productive and come up to speed.

I. Creating COILs

1. Scarce resource
in NEO is trust.

2. Ability to
collaborate is scarce.

3. REI’s budget is
1/100 of Greater Cleveland Partnership

a) Yet creating new

b) Bringing in new

c) Brought about
Universities Collaborative, which is unique in the country in support of
economic development. Created within one year.

d) Don’t waste time
trying to convince people who don’t want to be convinced.

II. Existing business stimulus

A. Civic Innovation

1. 100 applications
for $20K window

2. Jump-Start $20M

B. In Northern
20 times as much money as projects to fund.

C. In NEO there are
lots of projects but not enough money.

D. VC money is too expensive.

E. Drupal relevant
to anything requiring collaboration.

F. Peter has always
been interested in collaboration and Peter and Harry have consistently run into
brick walls when trying to collaborate.