CAAO Online Silent Executive Auction

Submitted by William on Wed, 01/25/2006 - 09:49.


CAAO is once again is preparing have its 3rd annual Online Silent Executive Auction. The auction allows bidders to bid on the time of some of Northeast Ohio's top executives. Last year the Boston Globe interviewed CAAO because they thought this was a very unique fundraiser. The executive’s donations range from one hour of their time to a day with them. This year CAAO is adding more national executives to the auction. CAAO is looking to have 55 executives in the auction. This year Black Enterprise Magazine has agreed to give the auction national exposure




Is there and executive in Northeast Ohio you would like to have one on one face time with? Please share your thoughts. CAAO is still developing the list for 2006. The last two auctions have been a great success. Over $3 million in business opportunities have been generated by folks who won bids in the auction.   If you would like to visit last year's auction website go to


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Last year I was tracking about a dozen executives on your auction but I got busy at the last minute and forgot to bid - there were some very cool people well worth the money - I look forward to seeing who you put together this year.