Ohio business credits for purchasing sustainably?

Submitted by Jeff Schuler on Sun, 12/07/2008 - 15:41.

This came through the REALNEO Contact form:

I am interested in if businesses get credit for purchasing products that
have a positive effect on sustainability and offers a reduction in
environmental impact. I work for Océ and we offer products that run on
less electricity and all the parts are recycled and the toner is a Iron
base versus carbon base. I would like to know if that makes any difference
to businesses purchasing products in Ohio.

I will suggest he check into Entrepreneurs for Sustainability for help, but does anyone have other ideas for him?

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he could try the foundation experts

John Mitterholzer - John can be reached at The George Gund Foundation at 216-241-3114.

Richard Stuebi - Richard can be reached at The Cleveland Foundation at 216-861-3810 or via http://www.cleantechblog.com/

Both gentlemen are on facebook as well.

Or ask the staff at Green City Blue Lake. 216-231-4600

David Beach, ext. 3366

Brad Chase, ext. 3365

Laura Christie, ext. 3373

Marc Lefkowitz, ext. 3513

Océ  does indeed seem to have a well rated sustainable product. I do not know of a dealer here in NEO who sells the line, but I am not in a business that would be making such purchases.